Are they made in the USA this time?
Clearly the inspiration was the Colin Baker era Doctor Who costume. Good choice.
Is this a joke
Looks completely silly in the sketches since they've put it onto someone who looks about 6'4" / 100 pounds. (Does any sport require, or develop, a body like that?)

It will look fine in the opening/closing parades when it's worn by actual people. Beats the stupid cowboy hat thing from whatever year that was.
And only $1600 for your very own!
A ripoff of St Laurent's patchwork collextion of the 70's wit h a nod tothe stoner aesthetic of snowboarding.
A ripoff of St Laurent's patchwork collection of the 70's with a nod to the stoner aesthetic of snowboarding.
Uh, isn't it a month too late for Ugly Christmas Sweater parties?
The jacket looks like something my grandma would knit.
Is it just me? I seem to see 'Murica with khakis.
More fugly Ralph Lauren stuff.
What, no, "Finally! An Olympic Cosby sweater!" option?
The sketch makes it look a little punky, but the actual product just looks dweeby. Wrong material I guess? Thumbs down.
Um, is there a separate female outfit? Or if we are all unsexualized, sexuality doesn't matter? This is what people are supposed to wear as representatives, right? There is no way in hell these are competitive uniforms.
@6 everything you're wearing is a ripoff of something else.

I actually like these, especially if you read about how they were sourced & produced! And get off the fashion sketches, people.
It is truly amazing that the uniform manages to look so showtune-singingly gay, while at the same time being so gay-denyingly ugly.
he forgot the rainbows.
(To see the outfits on humans, click the Today show link at the top of the post.)
Needs fringe and tassels. And bells.
@8 You said it. This really belongs in the Christmas sweater aisle of the department store. Did someone fail to ship out in time for the post-Thanksgiving shopping season?
Grandma's 4th of July cardigan with grandpa's "They are pants if they are khakis, even if they are assembled like my comfy jogging trousers. They are respectable damn it!"? Top it off with the 'Murica version of the in fashion teen head gear? Fucking really?
@12: Word.
I've changed my mind. I like them.
At least they don't make the athletes look like they're representing the country of Polo, unlike the outfits from the London Olympics. Just one totally tasteful 6" high brand mention this time.

Anyway, aren't we all boycotting this hoopla?
The snowboard team gear is even worse...…

Vintage quilt is just not a good look for an "extreme" sport.
It's like the outfit for the Vancouver games got sick and puked all over the place: this was the result
@18: when you see half a dozen people all wearing that outfit, standing close together, they look like a collection of Smurfs or garden gnomes. Some evil overlord's minions. One looks like a random homeless guy, six looks like the stuff of nightmares.
Regarding the sketches: This is an illustration, I get it, but it further illustrates how the fashion world puts unreasonable expectations in people's head. Yeah, how many men do you know who are that tall and that thin that don't dribble a basketball? While not as offensive as some of the photoshop the women's fashion magazines do, this still puts forth fashions ideas of what we 'should' all aspire to.
As ugly as these are, they're still not as bad as what these guys are wearing.
what #4 said. Looks worse in reality than the (already dubious) sketches because the emaciated waif of a model used for the sketches would struggle to maintain consciousness while watching the games, let alone compete in them.
@30 Norway FTW!
"People pay money for that?"
Wow, @30, that is scary.

Meanwhile, these outfits look like someone vomited random bits of patriotic imagery all over the jacket. Crass and ugly at the same time. Hooray!!
looks like what pallbearers would wear for a 4th of July funeral...
i'd wear those boots fosh
I'm gonna pop some tags...I've got 20 dollars in my pocket...
@ 15, your apparent 1st Slog post was to support the now disgraced Lululemon CEO and his yoga clothes with unqualified praise "Lululemon is a 100% shining example of a perfect corporation." Given that cheaply made yoga clothes are for you the acme of perfection your stamp of approval for the Olympic outfit can hardly be taken as an expert opinion.
Well, if it were an ugly sweater contest, they'd be winners.
I'm disappointed they don't say GAY IS GOOD in huge letters front and back.
At least they're sporting a honking big designer logo.
Ugly is patriotic, Yo
Wow, my captcha is OUTFIT!
@38 calm down. All I said was that you (along with EVERYONE ELSE) wears ripped off styles. I guess I touched a nerve (oh, and don't misquote my earlier post, it's dishonest). I won't get into a fight with you over whose opinion is more "expert." Instead, I'll again simply point out that I like them because they were sourced & produced in an interesting way, in the US.
@30, that link should come with a warning for epileptics.
The man should be ashamed. These are butt ugly. But at least we'll always know who was responsible for them, what with the unmissable logo there on the lapel.
Looks like some Tommy Hilfiger bullshit that might have been hip in 1989.
@46. EXACTLY! I was scrolling down to post: “uh 1992 Tommy Hillfiger called and…"
"...the wool hails from Oregon, was spun in Pennsylvania, then yarned in North Carolina, before being knitted in California by the husband-and-wife team Ball of Cotton."

These are going to be some well-traveled sweaters by the time they are worn at the Olympics.

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