Isn't that great! Jerry Seinfeld's into it too.
We will tell the Christians that they can - silently- pray during that time if they like. Everybody wins(ish).
@1 enters my hall of shame for Will of Seattleyest by me so far this year.
I'm not doubting the results (well maybe a little), but frankly I can't imagine what it was like to get kids to begin to participate in sitting quietly.

I'm around a middle schoolers all day and "quiet time" is the prime time to make a fart sound. After that it is all over.
what is praying but meditation?

Asking God for stuff?
5, I recall the first time I learned how to meditate. A substitute teacher came in my 8th grade class, pretty much threw out the curriculum and talked about stuff none of us knew about. Then he got everyone to meditate. And that was a diverse class. It can happen.

My first thought wasn't so much the Christians up in arms, but hard-core atheist/materialists who will denounce it as some stupid new-agey ritual. There are plenty on the Stranger staff, as well as many commenters here. Let's here from Charles & co. on why this shouldn't be working.
@8, if materialists don't believe that mediation "works," they don't know the science.…
@8: materialists tend to pay attention to the scientific method, and meditation has a ton of research behind it. Mindfulness based meditation, particularly, has strong evidence supporting its use in pain management, depression & anxiety, some evidence for its use in addiction, and is being researched for eating disorders, IBS, cardiac diseases, etc..
I have read several studies that support meditation in a school setting. These new statistics add to a growing consensus that meditation (particularly mindfulness meditation) reduces stress and increases the ability to focus. It is a very good skill to have, as I have found out myself during the economic stresses of the recession.
At the very least, I would consider this a far better use of time than the Pledge of Allegiance. (I mean, just consider that phrase, let alone the act itself. It's creepy, and I thought so even in junior high.)

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