That guy's got a serious shot at being elected to Congress as a Republican.
Typical. Guy goes super aggro only when people are there to hold him back. FYI, it's the quiet ones that will fuck you up, not this breed of chest thumper.
An important note right at the top of the article, even in that paragon of journals USA Today:

"Google is keeping most of Motorola's huge patent portfolio, the original reason the Internet search giant agreed to spend $12.5 billion buying the company in 2011"
"should be a warning for anyone who uses the internet"

Also, nobody should be using GoDaddy to begin with. They're sheisty as fuck, steal domains from their users, etc. Bad customer service as happened here is only the lettuce in their shit sandwich.
Turns out that guy who went ballistic is most likely suffering from PTSD. So three victims -- four victims -- in this scenario. The driver, his paralyzed from the waist down Marine sister who was filming, the wife of the rager, and the rager himself. Breaking my heart, all this brokenness.
Jen Polacheck's article crystallized recent thoughts I've been having concerning race relations: American blacks and whites fetishize each other.
@n's theft was 3 problems:
1. paypal gave out the last 4 of the guy's CC number.
2. his twitter-registered email account was on a personal domain (registered with GoDaddy) as opposed to gmail etc.
3. GoDaddy handed over the guy's account based on the last 4 of his CC, and then refused to help him.
"Get the fuck out of the truck! I'm gonna beat your ass!" How could he resist a tempting invitation like that?
The Paul-Allen-owned football corporation would get a *gold* medal, for winning, wouldn't they? Silver is for second place.
This is why you don't want to be seen wearing DC shirts
How come every video I see like that has palm trees in the background?
Awwwww that video makes me miss San Diego ...
@3 nailed it. Google needed those patents. That's what they were buying for the $12.5 B. They got what they wanted and then dumped what they didn't want for 3 billion.
are we sure this wasn't an ad for DC shoes?

@1, 2: He's a war veteran, victim of PTSD. As are others involved. But have a good laugh at their expense.
@15 he (allegedly) intentionally braked hard repeatedly to force the guy driving his paralyzed war veteran sister around into rear ending him. he "may" have PTSD, but he's definitely a bully and a jerk and fuck that guy.
This is what war does to people.

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