Congrats. I hate Pete Carroll, but you guys obviously deserved this this year.
Woooooooooooooo! :)
Should I be climbing the Chief Sealth statue downtown now or running around cap hill intersections?
Girls.... got on camera and show us yer tits!! Yeah, baby!! Tits!!

(Shut up, Dan... this isn't about you. It's about football and tits.)
Fire dept was just dispatched to 17th ave NE and 47th st ne. I assume a frat started a couch fire.
That guy with the Seahawks 2014 champions tattoo must be f-in ecstatic right now.
I blame the officiating.
While we celebrate, let's not forget that the real winners here are all the underprivileged children in poor nations around the world that will be kept warm and dry under their new "BRONCOS SUPER BOWL CHAMPION" t shirts, hats and coats.
Urban rioting in Seattle over football ? This is the town that has party platters of brie and sushi at tailgates. Rioters aren't sports fans, they're just opportunistic crazy folks like that Musab Mohamed Masmari dude or the guys who assaulted Lara Logan in Tahrir Square.
Streaking seems to be in.

That and fireworks.
Lol. During the trophy being brought up Dan's boyfriend Hauschka was wearing a GoPro ballcap.
Also, the only thing that would have made today's game more satisfying would be if it was John Elway at QB for Denver.
At 1st and Marion, "rioting" looks like "running in the street giving car passengers high fives". Sadly no streakers spotted yet.
Victory parade scheduled for Wed:…
Fireworks here... at least 3 separate times so far. I expect more.

Rioting for a football win is stupid... That's what Denver did when the Bronco won last time. It was stupid.
There's a whole lot of whooping and hollering in the streets (and on the balconies) of my 'hood but so far no violence or gunshots as far as I can tell.
@ 12, yeah, he always made short work of the Seahawks, didn't he? Ah, happy memories...
Who are you to tell me not to crap my pants if that's how I celebrate, Dan?
I watched the game with my great uncle at the convalescent home, and from the smell, I think the place broke a record for simultaneous pants crapping.
@14: thanks for that. I work in transportation, so I forwarded that to the relevant parties. Now enjoy your night.
Super Bowl ?

But what about the starving Africans?
That was a function of my crap-free-pants privilege, Fnarf, and I apologize.
I stepped outside and started recording the chanting and fireworks when the game ended (thank you, large groups of unknown people on Roosevelt.) I'm going to submit it for "Sound of the Day" on KUOW. It should win.
That's the equivalent of rioting in the streets in Seattle.
When Boston wins the Super Bowl, there is no work done the day after except damage control. But in Seattle, tomorrow is Monday.
I'm pretty fucking annoyed, I drove by and watched someone smash the window of the Hideout and the picture I tried to take of the perp didn't come out.
I hope he lacerated his hand something fierce. Stupid sparts fans are going to keep me up until 4am tonight.
The best the NFC had to offer just dismantled the best the AFC had to offer in every facet of the game.

Seattle came to play with fierce intensity, Denver brought nothing.
On I-5 near Northgate getting into the city. Even the traffic is excited. Beeping, screaming... Where are these people coming from?
@23: And note, Fnarf is already parked in the bath for his post-pants-crapping cleanup.
@9: Bros from the outskirts are trashy as fuck.
@27 Heh. "Sparts fans". I know it was an innocent typo but as a non-sports-fan it amuses me. "Sparts fans!"

All the Sparts Fans at work will be thoroughly useless for any real work tomorrow. Go, spartsball team!
" Bros from the outskirts are trashy as fuck."

But they're not armed so all that will get bruised is your ego.
We drove home through Wallingford and the U to get home-- lots of people on the sidewalks shouting to passing cars, giving high fives, and much gratuitous celebratory honking. Possibly the most fun I've ever had in traffic. Go hawks!
Traffic opened up past the u-district. Fire and nudity has a powerful allure.
Couch fires in the U District being reported by the newscasters.
@33: Intentional.

@34: Seattle is fairly safe as far as cities go, but I'd prefer to not have people smashing windows (as witnessed) and/or setting things on fire/upturning cars (as I'd like to hope does not happen.)
They showed some Sparts Fans on TV with a bonfire. I don't know where they were (frat row?). Someone threw a mattress on it, which must be lovely.
Here's the GIF you are looking for:…
Police scanner reporting an estimated 2,000 people blocking the Ave at 45th, jumping on cars.
@30, this raises the interesting question, can one crap ones' pants if one is not wearing them? I guess if you're sitting on them, or over them. Mostly what I've been doing is checking my bottle of Dubonnet again and again to see if some more wine might somehow magically appear in it, after it has been empty all this time. Crap.
But wait, I thought smashing up inanimate objects wasn't violence according to Slog?
@43: You appear to be confusing Slog with the Black Bloc.
Crowds are growing at 1st and Blanchard - cops had already started blocking off few blocks of 1st a while ago..
@42: This game will teach you everything you need to know about shitting your pants. But taking off your pants is a good start.
It's all so surreal. Maybe there's hope for the Mariners too!
If these street parties were peaceful war protests the cops would be using clubs and gas on them...
Is rural rioting a thing?
and here's a good reminder for Richard Sherman that all players, even Crabtree, are one good tackle or slip away from possibly life altering injury.…

Definitley. The cops certainly wouldn't be using pepper spray and flash bangs if these sports-occasion street-occupants were smashing up shop windows or throwing rocks and flares at human beings.

You're entirely correct, it's the ostensible motivation of the crowd in the street, and not its behavior, that determines police response.
hmm, @49 now, I guess? Looks like comment deletions screw up reponses.
"If these street parties were peaceful war protests the cops would be using clubs and gas on them..."

@54: It is true that the bread & circuses window-smashing is treated with less severity than smashing the windows of banks, may day etc.

I find it all useless but do observe that the black hoodie asshats are treated with much more vitriol than the "celebratory" sports fans.

Wait, which sports-fan vandals are you talking about? The ones I've heard of in other cities that have been caught and prosecuted haven't gotten off easy, and I'm not aware of any cases against Seahawks fan-vandals... are you from the future?
Just spotted Phoenix Jones up on the Ave at 45th...
Peaceful war protesters get their skulls cracked without any provocation before the courts are ever involved
@58 Good lord, give it a break and celebrate you fuckwit.

And so do peaceful sports demonstrators, all over the world. Your point?
"Peaceful war protesters get their skulls cracked without any provocation before the courts are ever involved"

But what about the starving Africans?
In particular, peaceful sports demonstrators tend to get their skulls cracked, without any proper legal paperwork from the court system, when they are peacefully smashing shop windows, or peacefully starting fires, or peacefully overturning automobiles.

But the police response is very different for peaceful political demonstrators, right?
@58 You're right, you're right.
I'm a Coloradan but I'm happy for the Seahawks... they really earned this championship. Celebrate and have fun! And drink! And Party! But be careful for fuck's sake.

The amount of sad/pissed in Colorado tonight is kind of funny.
I could use one more dramatic reading of the Declaration of Independence by football "legends" right about now...
Not to throw some icy Gator Aid beverage on your collective heads, but to all you non season ticket holding wannabees: There's a reason they're not called the Spokane Seahawks, or the Selah Seahawks or whatever. Enjoy your little carpet-bagging happy dance, but remember that it's the residents of King Fucking County that pay for that fancy-schmancy stadium, and that if it weren't for us, you'd have nothing to fucking celebrate in the first place.
@59 woo hoo! I'm feeling so much civic pride right now I could give Paul Allen another tax subsidy!


Sports victories just aren't the same without that sweet, sweet smell of provincialism.

They can't allow themselves to be happy, the revolution needs to be permanent.
Well, to be fair, a large chunk of the money is from the hotel/motel tax which the carpetbaggers might be paying to stay in lovely King County. For fun, notice the extremely tiny amount of admissions tax being collected on Seahawks tickets even though as much as 10% is authorized.

You hear that Dow.... maybe there's a way to help fund transit.…
Somebody got shot on the waterfront near Pioneer Square, according to SFD's Twitter feed. At least they say it's non-life threatening.
"Somebody got shot on the waterfront near Pioneer Square"

Is 'thug' still the new n-word?

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