I think you meant to write "Extremely Wealthy Straight White Man Tired of Being Victimized." Right?
Cut the wealthy white man some slack. He probably just needs to find a child to molest. You know, blow off some steam in a healthy way.
Tube Stop: The Tube strike is going on in London. Their public transit is still better than Seattle's.

Let's not forget that the population of London is 8.1 Million, on par with NYC, and
the population of Seattle proper is only 634,535 (as of 2012).

Seattle is approximately 1/15th of London.
Holy shit I am so fucking excited about Preacher.
100 Bullets is the series they should be doing.
I was with Piers until he kept coming back to the Marie Claire article, saying she wrote it when she didn't. Repeatedly. He said he wanted to learn and then he patently rejected what she was teaching him -- a simple fact that he refused to let in.

I"m surprised she didn't call him on him continuing to repeat his mistake -- dang, he kept repeating it! Born a boy, born a boy, born a boy. Catch a clue, Piers.
Holy shit, Piers Morgan is awful in this interview!
I wonder if the Preacher folks will have the mozzle to get Clint? Clint would really make it. That voice, "Like cobwebs creeping over my soul" is his voice.
I almost forgot Pat Robertson is a raving moron for a minute.
If those are the only two choices, I'd have to go with DMZ.

But, if we're talking Vertigo titles in general:

The Invisibles
Doom Patrol

Granted, none of these would be easy to translate from page to screen, but damn if anyone DID try...
I further wonder whether they'll starve Rogan down enough to bring off the immortal line, when protagonist Rev. Jesse Custer is asked if he's any relation to -that- Custer, "Nope. He was the dumb one liked gettin' his ass kicked."
Treacle, the population of the greater London area is around 10 million, which includes all 32 boroughs. That means that areas like Richmond, Ealing and Croydon are included. Croydon is basically like the Burien of London, it's considered a suburb. If you're going to include the entire metropolitan area, then the population is 13 million. That 634,535 that you are citing is only counting White Center to Shoreline. The population for the Seattle metropolitan area is closer to around 3.5 million. Yes, London is a much larger city than Seattle, but Seattle is definitely not 1/15th the size of London.
I live in London and even during a Tube strike it's been easier to get to work than it was in Seattle.
@ 7 - She actually has the byline for the story and it is written entirely in the first person, so she can keep saying she didn't write it, but she had to sign off on it in some way to let them use her name. Maybe she wishes she had done it differently now, but it was a bit of a stretch the amount of distance she was trying to put between herself and the article.

And I went into it assuming Piers was in the wrong, but after watching it, I think at the heart of it he was really right. At the end he really gets to the point--the valid point--which isn't "poor me," it is more the idea that he was trying, doing his best, not really sure how what he said was offensive, trying to figure out how to not make the same mistake, and asking for an explanation. And making the bigger point that he would have been open to that discussion in real time. That it doesn't benefit anyone to do an interview with someone who is trying to do good and provide assistance to your cause, to give the impression that everything was well and good, and then to blindside them with criticism after it is aired. If she had issues and had raised them during the interview or before it aired and they had been unwilling to listen that would be totally different.
@ 14 you said it perfectly!! Stop being so critical of your supporters and help educate them if need be.
@14, agreed, plus the fact that the entire issue is manufactured-outrage horseshit. "It's offensive to say I was born a boy or that I used to be a man!" Fucking bullshit it's offensive. What's offensive is people who actually want to discriminate against you, who actually think you're lesser, who would seek to deny you your rights, or who would harm you. And you're going to waste your time, effort, and influence vilifying a well-meaning supporter because he used language which is *technically* accurate but (in your opinion) carries connotations that are not perfectly to your liking? Fuck you, you're an idiot.

How long until these fucksticks demand that we stop saying "transgender" because it refers to a gender change, which is apparently offensive?

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