It isn't difficult to get smelly feet. Wear wool socks in old leather shoes all day for a few days. He could date a GGG person for regular reasons and roll his kink out like any other kinkster. And then you are in a nice ongoing relationship with the added benefit of stinky feet.
He could always just post to casual encounters on and pray.
This really seems like he should try getting into a relationship with someone willing to indulge him. This letter read to me as: how can I indulge my fetish without needing to go through the effort of finding a willing partner the way everybody else has to?

And yeah, if you aren't willing to put in the effort to find a consenting person into you for your sexual needs, then your primary resource is sex workers you pay.

But did it really not occur to him to try to learn how to get into a relationship with someone?
I think it's outrageous that we as a society want to label an adult as a sex offender because he would pay a woman to fulfill such a harmless fantasy. The real sex offender is the government that would create such stupid laws in the first place. This is the kind of bullshit religion creates. We should grow the fuck up, already.
@ 3 You don't have to be religion to find that weird.
I gotta say I think your advice sucks this time, Dan. I've got the same fetish as DFF (only with guys' feet) and can assure you this is pretty low on the WTF scale for both guys and girls, after hearing about straight guy friends who like the same thing. There aren't many people who don't like to get their toes sucked, and in my experience most who don't feel that way because they are worried or ashamed about the smell.

DFF should find a girl he likes and just go for it. He may have to work her up to letting him do it before the shower, but really...nobody is going to freak out.
Ooooor get into a relationship with a woman from your hick town and then ask her if she's cool with wearing the same socks for a couple days in a row. I'm with the other commenters on this. He should reserve leaving home until after he's given it a try with a local gal or two.
How stinky? Just sorta stinky, or no-hygiene, foot fungus stinky? I don't know many women who would go that far.
I knew a women in college who would have been perfect for this guy.
@5 Why are you bringing religion or the lack of it into this? I certainly didn't consider that in any way, shape, or form relevant.

@8 Good point. I was assuming sweaty stinky, not actively unhealthy stinky. But I suspect sweaty stinky was more what was wanted. If we're actually talking about grow some foot fungus, then that's not going to work with an escort either.
Just date a woman that works outside in steel toe boots. We exist, and whoa, those puppies can be a bit much at the end of the day. Good luck!
@ 6 There aren't many people who don't like to get their toes sucked

Is that really true? I mean, I know that some people like it, but is it really common? Because for me that is the biggest turnoff possible - I just hate having my feet touched. Didn't realize I was so far off the grid.
@12 Not exactly what I'd call a turn-on for me, but I wouldn't say I hate having my feet touched or anything. I'd be inclined to say mine is the most common opinion, but I haven't exactly conducted a survey.
Stinky feet? Jesus Christ, what is wrong with the men in our species?

I swear, if I shat in a bucket, ate it, vomited it back into the bucket, added Tabasco sauce, turned my back for 5 minutes, and then turned around, I'd see 3 guys fighting with each other over who gets to fuck it first.
@4, I think you missed the point. If he's getting labelled as a sex offender, it's not because he hires a sex worker. It's because he approaches strangers and solicits them to indulge his kink.
As much as I admit that my feet occasionally stink, even living in a big city I would be very offended by a rando guy approaching me on my way home to wash the stink off and commenting on the odor of my feet (which, no, is not readily "put out there" cleats do an excellent job of containing the occasional "too hot" stink after sports, and I do avoid switching back to sandals when I suspect that heat and sweat have gotten the better of my puppies). To each their own, but this one is most likely best indulged with a GGG SO (while I don't proclaim to understand it, if DH asked to smell my dirty feet, I'd probably let him so long as it was framed right) or pro...
I think DFF's best bet is to find a girlfriend who's into sports, and offer footrubs when she gets back from a jog or whatever. Everybody wins!

My first boyfriend had something like this, and I didn't understand it, but I never ever said no, because -- you know, foot attention is good.

In fact, my husband wishes I had something like this, because most of the time I won't let his feet anywhere near me unless they're freshly washed.

Anyway, this just strikes me as a really easy kink to fulfill, unless there's something he doesn't say explicitly in the letter -- if the reason he mentions "strange women" is because the kink demands that it be a stranger, or a lot of different women, or something like that.
Yeah, get a girlfriend and offer to rub her feet after a workout or a long summer day wearing sandals or high heels. Problem solved.
I'd send my smelly socks, with the right inducement.
It seems easier for those who can put this across as a perk of the/a right person rather than Requirement #1.
@14 - thank you. I laughed so hard I cried, and I have a case of the SADs. I really needed that!
@12--I'm with you, I hate it. I didn't realize I was supposed to like it. I mean, I know some people DO, but I didn't know that it was a standard feature on the "things people really like" list.
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12, 22-- I'm like you, I absolutely can't stand to have my feet touched. It's unusual, but not a problem, I don't think... to each their own, right? When I used to online date, I'd occasionally get approached by someone with a foot fetish and I'd let them know quickly and clearly that I wasn't their gal... and send along a picture of my feet in a pair of strappy heels to show I didn't think there was anything wrong with THEM :)
Makes me a bit crazy that this guy thinks that liking smelly feet means approaching strange women and asking them to please induldge his kink. Does he think men whose kinks are breasts and vaginas do this?

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