Yes, I'm sure the millions of black men languishing in prison really share your desire to perpetuate more negative African American stereotypes.
Seems very positive to me
I almost prefer the negative images

Well, at least you're honest about your racism.

So other than negative images and this particular image of a family welcoming their child home from an unjust war, what exactly *would* please your preciousness?
This image is pure "white" fantasy of what the ideal black family should be like. Basically just a dusky version of their own... completely disregarding cultural and experiential differences. This image is literally a whitewashing of a black family.
Just shut up already, Charles. You're never satisfied, and most of your posts are more idiotic and racist than Sarah Palin's. You're like that guy who says "I'm not racist, BUT....". This is a good ad, that seems very happy and friendly, of people welcoming home a woman (note that this ad is suppose to diversify women, not blacks) from war.

Go back to the sewer from whence you came.
#7: This might be quite strange to you, but I've seen black families do pretty much exactly what's in the image, minus the flags. There are cultural differences, but they aren't that fucking radical.
Really, whatever The Stranger is paying you, it's way too much. Go back to fucking Ooga-Booga Land. Maybe you'll be happy there. Jackass.
"More diverse" is probably going to include images that don't especially appeal to you. Embracing diversity does mean accepting differences.
@10 "Ooga-booga land"? What are you talking about?
Jesus, Charles - lighten the fuck up, Again!
@12 I'm pretty sure he's referring to Rhodesi...I mean, Glorious Zimbabwe.
Why shouldn't blacks be exploited equally for the purposes of ideological promulgation of the state?
Charles I am very sorry for the way we talk about you, on here

I agree that participation in dumb bloodshed is not movin on up

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