Americablog has a blockbuster post up this morning about the Hitler-worshipping anti-gay thugs who are using Instagram and Facebook to organize and publicize what they call "safaris." They "hunt" young gay men on their safaris. They kidnap them, assault them, and terrorize them—and then they post pictures and videos of these assaults online to out and destroy the men they've kidnapped. Most of the gay people who have been kidnapped and assaulted by these Neo-Nazi groups are teenagers. These anti-gay Neo-Nazis show their faces in their videos and the Russian authorities do nothing. No one is arrested, no one is prosecuted. This is a still from a video that has been up on Instagram for four months:


The whole sickening video is here. From John's post at Americablog:

Instagram hosting gay kidnapping and torture video

On Zigunova’s Instagram account, a young (dyed) red-haired woman, presumably Zigunova, poses in a swastika t-shirt... Zigunova’s Hitler-bust-selling cohort, Daniil Konovalov, posts a number of Nazi-related photos on his Instagram account, including a swastika throw pillow. But Konovalov goes one step too far. He also posts in his Instagram account a short vine-type video showing the kidnapping and torture of a young gay Russian, something that under normal circumstances should end Konovalov’s Instagram account. (This a clip of a larger kidnapping and torture that we reported on earlier.) One would imagine that Instagram wouldn’t take kindly to its service being used to disseminate videos showing the kidnapping and torturing of anyone, let alone a gay-bashing. But there it is.

Yesterday I posted this photo to my Instagram account at 3 PM:


This email from "The Instagram Team" arrived in my inbox at 8:56 PM:

We’ve removed something you posted on Instagram for violating our Community Guidelines. Please review our Guidelines and remove any other content on your profile that may be in violation. Additional violations may result in your account being blocked or disabled.

Please remember:

-Don't share posts that aren't yours
-Don't share photos that show nudity or mature content
-Don't share photos of illegal content
-Don't share photos that attack an individual or group, or violate our Terms of Use

Thanks for helping us keep Instagram a safe and fun place for everyone.


The Instagram Team

Instagram's terms of service is here. It says: "You may not post violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive photos or other content via the Service."

That video of a nude gay man being attacked by a room full of hateful, violent Neo-Nazi thugs—a hate crime designed to terrorize an individual and a group (all queer people in Russia)—has been up on Instagram for FOUR MONTHS. Here, again, is the Instagram account of the leader of St. Petersburg's anti-gay "safaris." On her account you'll find swastikas and Nazi salutes. Another picture from Daniil Konovalov's Instagram account:


That hateful picture has been on Instagram for a YEAR.

Go read John's post about the Neo-Nazi thugs in St. Petersburg who are hunting down, outing, beating and terrorizing gay men and then bragging about and publicizing their crimes on Instagram.

People—myself included—have been furiously tweeting at Instagram all morning. And what does Instagram have to say for itself? Only this:

Fucking disgusting.

UPDATE 11:27 AM: