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The sun shines bright..
Someone should really tell them it's not mandatory. You can still get straight married!
Isn't Kentucky like the most gay porn downloading state? 'Cause I'm pretty sure it is.
I'm just waiting for their heads to explode when they realize the sky doesn't fall...and no socialist "jackboots" show up at Church on Sunday forcing the poor persecuted head 'thumper to gay marry'll be like popcorn popping.
Hey Dan! Your new bff Catholic Lisa lives in Kentucky. I think I just heard her head explode.
A suit was just filed in Louisiana over the same thing. Slowly but surely...

Our office pool has Mississippi as the last state that will legalize same-sex marriage, with Alabama and Tennessee neck-and-neck to be second-to-last.

The things liberals in a conservative state entertain themselves with.
@7 Equal Justice Under the Law is for sick perverts! Those sodomites even put it above the SCOTUS portico!
@ 7 - Sick and immature is what YOU appear to be in your increasingly disturbed posts. Didn't you notice?
@11 No man, woman, or church is currently forced to celebrate anybody's marriage, even if the state recognizes it in a legal sense. You're delusional.

Does your brain not connect with your mouth in any meaningful way, or is it just that you deliberately allow the former to ejaculate ANY inane, pointless and downright stupid electro-chemical impulse generated by the latter?
Ahhhh the sweet melodious strains of the Seattleblues. Such lovely music to brighten anyone's hump day. Dear Seattleblues, may we pleeeeeeease :) be blessed with another selection from your hymnal of hateful screechings? I shall read your words as I enjoy a fine mint julep with My Old Kentucky Home softly wafting throughout the office....
@11: <begin transmission from Reality Land>
Dear Seattleblues:

I hope this message finds you [unintelligible]. I am writing from Reality Land to [static, extended] the Gay Agenda.
Legalization of same-sex marriage has not [unintelligible] religious congregations opposing it. Every such law that has passed has [static] exemptions for clergy and congregations who feel that same-sex unions go against their religious beliefs. I repeat: clergy and congregations CAN NOT be prosecuted or otherwise [static] for refusing to perform same-sex marriages.
Legalizing same-sex marriage is supported by a [static] majority of American citizens. Just as a tax on yarmulkes is a tax on Jews, laws against same-sex relationships are [static] on homosexuals. Most [unintelligible] don't speak with stereotypical lisps. Common sense is a misnomer. You are more stupid than a paramecium.

and whistled for a baboon!
<End transmission from Reality Land>
The best thing about SB's unhinged rants (that can clearly only come from a demented person) is that he is his own cause's worst enemy. We're winning thanks to people like him. He sounds so crazy that he's pushing "average" equal-rights opponents towards acceptance of gays.
Kentucky attorney here. One encouraging thing about reading through the court dockets is that the response filed by Kentucky (both the governor and AG are Democrats, and decently liberal for southern Dems) put very little heart into defending the law. This means that there might be a decent chance that the decision is not appealed to the more conservative 6th Circuit, where it could easily be reversed.

FYI, for the SLOG locals, Judge Heyburn wrote the original opinion in the Louisville/Jefferson County school assignment case several years ago that ended up before the Supreme Court joined with a case from Seattle. Small world moment.…
Oh wow, this really pisses of Seattleblues. Isn't it funny that he is always talking down to people he perceives as younger than him, yet he throws a childish tantrum complete with slurs and name calling when he doesn't get his way?

Keep pushing rational people away from your bigoted ideals, you big whiny baby. Insane homophobes like you are our best friend, because normal people can't stand to be around your noxious politics, and do not want to be associated with them.

Keep crying, baby.
@ 20 - He throws hissy fits as if he were the queeniest of them all...
I really think the mods need to randomly delete more of SB's posts. It's amazing watching him fly off the rails every time it happens. A handful each week should do the trick. You might drive him to expatriation to Italy within a month.
@3 - I'm pretty sure I've read that Utah is the biggest porn downloading state, but I'll have to research the stats when I have a little more time.

Seattleblues: I honestly hate to acknowledge your existence by addressing you, but I have one question: Do you not understand that your use of the term 'faggot' as you use it here, ie with the most venom and dismissiveness and disgust you can muster, is really no different from calling a black person 'nigger'?

Are you okay with people using the N word?

As if on cue, a huge sinkhole has opened up in KKKentucky and swallowed Gawd's very own Corvettes!


Also, SB: Other than the attention shit-stirring brings you, I have to ask why in all hell you hang out at the Stranger as much as you do - what is it, 4, 5 times a week you're here? If you find liberal-land so exceedingly unbearable, isn't this the last place you should spend that amount of time, if any? It's clear we are all beneath your contempt. We get that. Please consider moving on and bloviating with equally smug, pompous bores elsewhere.

I'm surprised no one has pointed out to the Good Traditional Family Types that "KY Marriage" has another, funnier interpretation.
@23 & 25, yes Utah downloads the most porn, but Pope @3 specifically refers to gay porn. Neither Utah nor Kentucky would surprise me on that front.
@ 28,

SB can't quit us for the same reason that s/he can't stop thinking about all of that hawt, sweaty, filthy, nasty, spine-shattering gay seXXX 24 hours a day.
Kentucky could soon be home to The Run For The Rosebuds. Just imagine the field of studs lined up in the starting gates!
And where did 'bluesey run off to?
Next, the judge can abolish two spaces after a period ending a sentence. Sometime in the not-too-distant future, this too will pass.
@33 - And I will protest that ruling with ever fiber of my being! {space}{space} Dammit!
Amen, my sistren and brethren.
@33. What. The. Fuck?
Oh SB, what would your pastor say if he read the things you say when you're having one of your fits?! You must thank the staff for pulling your comments and saving you that embarrassment.
@33, @34, @36, you do realize that typographic humor is still illegal in most states, right?

I'd put Indiana in the running for the last state to legalize same sex marriage. Its certainly not the craziest state, but the crazies seem to be more organized and might be better prepared to put up a fight.

Actually it was something of an experiment. I was curious if among the flood of vulgar, abusive, inflammatory and ad hominem comments let be, the use of the word faggot would automatically be censored. I was curious if the professed ideological tolerance of the Stranger was hollow.

And sure enough it is. Tolerant of filth, of lies, of personal abuse, of inflammatory comments provided they agree with them, sure.

As to faggot and nigger, both are ugly words I don't use, except in a car like this. But a homosexually inclined person chose their status. Calling their push for special citizen status a civil rights issue on par with that if true minorities isn't merely lying. It's deeply offensive.
@40: If you use the words, you use them. Don't matter where, don't matter how. If you'll call someone a "faggot" with hatred in your heart, at any time or place, then we know that you will be thinking it even when you decide to hold your tongue.
@40: You just used the word "faggot" to see if it would be censored. I'm SUUURE that's what it was. Not, say, you losing your cool and showing your true feelings about gay people. SLOG editors, if you have such a problem with the word "faggot", go ahead and delete this post. Otherwise, I call on all the faggots here to stand with me in calling Seattleblues a bigoted, prejudicial asshole.

As an ethnic minority myself, I say you're full of shit. Mr. Straight Protestant White Man, you don't have the standing to talk about which minority groups are comparable to which.

Also, I insist you contracted herpes as a child. Am I correct?
@ 42 - Whenever SB fails to answer a question, you know you've hit the nail on the head.

Obviously, some disease ate his brain away a long, long time ago. By now he is no more than an idiot savant who's learned to repeat grammatically complex sentences filled with simplistic arguments. He's not actually able to defend his statements, he just regurgitates them over and over again.
I was corrected yesterday when answering no to Juniors bizarre obsession with my childhood health.

Apparently chicken pox is a form of herpes.

Presumably Junior was going to say 'gotcha' when I said I'd never had herpes as a kid or otherwise.

Clever, Junior. Well, for a 12 year old...

Other than in the immediate aftermath of the successful assault on family and marriage in my state for which I apologized, please show a post in which-

I show hatred for anyone based solely on their lifestyle choices. Righteous anger at things like Savage for his attacks on family, morality, integrity and marriage, fyi, are based on his barbarian behavior, not his personal depravity.

I show any belief that adults making lifestyle choices should be physically assaulted, criminally prosecuted or treated as anything other than fully equal citizens.

I'd wait, but there's no point. The hatred you folks postulate is all in your minds. Literally. You hate and fear anyone with a different view of things so you assume I do.

Well, you're wrong. As usual.

Hi SB. I'm curious what in your mind constitutes "barbarian behavior". And where, specifically, are Dan's attacks on 'integrity' and 'family'?

Btw you cry 'hate' and are calling us haters here, but it seems you hate the holy crap out of Dan Savage, or do you not realize? You seem to be seething with rage against him.

Also, as asked previously ... why in all hell do you choose to constantly - several times a week, year in and year out - hang out here in liberal-land, if it is so intolerable and disgusting a place, filled with godless heathens, homos, and general scum? There must be something in it for you.

@45: As I am the most recent poster to use the word "hatred" to describe your activities, I will assume that your "@faggot" is directed at me. Which is kind of comical, as I am not in fact gay, and kind of sad, and kind of proves my point. I call you out, you address me using a term that you believe expresses contempt for me.

Regarding your challenge to find a post where you show "hatred for anyone", hmm, that's tough. How about in the exact same paragraph where you pose the question: "things like Savage... his barbarian behavior... his personal depravity." Where I come from, calling a person a "thing", a "barbarian", and accusing them of "depravity" is considered pretty hateful.

And about where you show belief that gays and lesbians "should be treated as anything other than fully equal citizens," again, that's tough. Oh wait, no it isn't. Same post, where you describe the passage of marriage equality in Washington as "the successful assault on family and marriage" Denying gay and lesbian citizens the right to marry is denying them full and equal citizenship.

Seriously dude, if you are going to claim to not be what you so clearly are, you are going to have to hide the bigotry for at least one post.
"I show any belief that adults making lifestyle choices should be physically assaulted, criminally prosecuted or treated as anything other than fully equal citizens."

Wow an honest statement from our dear Auntie Seattleblues, who'd have thunk it possible?

Considering your past gleeful boasting about illegally evicting lesbian tenants, not to mention your unhinged rants about our trans citizens.

Indeed Auntie you do display your belief that those you perceive as different from you or not sharing your beliefs ("making lifestyle choices"), "should be physically assaulted, criminally prosecuted or treated as anything other then fully equal citizens" Shouldn't you be packing to move to Russia?

Hope the deep hatred and revulsion you feel towards those around you keeps you warm at night.

Sorry, wasn't specific to you. Merely less cumbersome than @use of term faggot.

Don't actually care about your lifestyle choices either. That you advocate for all the things weakening the US as a nation from social to economic policy is all I need know about you.

There's an old term, 'ordinate' that explains the disgust and loathing with which I view the thing called Savage. If a person behaves in what can only be called open evil like it does revulsion and loathing are the sole appropriate response. And, since you cannot read, it's this I revile in it, not the sickness making healthy sexual expression difficult for Savage.

Those afflicted with same sex attractions have full marriage equality everywhere gay so called marriage is still properly banned. They and anyone else can marry any opposite sex consenting adult they choose. Full marriage equality. Where gay so called marriage is law, they have the right to be special citizens with power to set social and legal terms for their convenience. Hardly equality under the law. Where I came from, anyway.

I have the right to decide who lives in a rental I own. Nothing illegal about not renewing a lease with full term of notice. But thanks for the concern!

There is no such animal, mineral or vegetable as a 'Trans' person. There are deeply disturbed individuals unable to deal with physical reality, certainly. But if you have male genitalia, you're a guy, if female you're female. The rest is sick delusion unaccountably encouraged by your ilk. Rather than deal with the root cause of this mental illness you celebrate it, which is your right. Asking me to view it as anything but sad and disturbing? Not your right.

@44: I'm a sight more clever than you can even conceive of. I am a scientist, trained rather extensively in evolutionary and molecular biology and in sedimentary geology. Not only does my breadth of knowledge far surpass yours in these realms, I've been taught how to think critically, how to challenge that which is ingrained in my mind, how to respond to new information.
@49: As has been explained to you many, many, many times on the SLOG, "a tax on wearing yarmulkes is a tax on Jews" (as Justice Ginsburg once succinctly put it). Being in a same-sex romantic relationship is an intrinsic property of being homosexual; restricting such relationships constitutes a restriction on homosexuals. The judicial precedent is VERY clear in this regard.
You do yourself a disservice in making such a fundamentally flawed argument over and over. What you should instead look to debate is whether there is any pressing public interest in banning same-sex marriages. Unfortunately for you, there does not appear to be any. You and many others claim that gay marriage will damage straight marriage, expose children to bad parenting, and ultimately doom society, but have exactly no evidence to support such conclusions.
@50: Actually, it is illegal to discriminate (whether that be refusal to sell/rent or actual eviction/termination of lease) against tenants or buyers based on certain protected categories. Nationwide, these include race, religion, gender, (dis)abled status, familial status, and national origin. Additionally, 21 states and the District of Columbia ban housing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and all but 5 of those furthermore ban housing discrimination on the basis of gender identity. Both your state (Washington) and mine (Illinois) ban both. So you, according to your admitted actions, are a criminal.
To address your repeated misconceptions regarding transsexuals...
I don't advocate for "celebrating" Gender Identity Disorder any more than I advocate for celebrating cerebral palsy or amputee status. Being born into one gender while neurologically hardwired to expect the other is rough, by all accounts. It's not a good thing, to speak plainly; most trans people I've heard from wish they'd been born in a body they feel comfortable in. I disagree with the "die cis scum" brand of trans advocates who think that their hardships make them better than the rest of us. Just because the Jews have been misunderstood and persecuted throughout history doesn't make us somehow better (only perhaps more conscious of the plight of the stranger).

I advocate for treating those suffering from Gender Identity Disorder with the only proven cure: sexual reassignment surgery coupled with hormone therapy. You hold your own ignorant opinions above decades of accumulated medical evidence and say that they should instead be denied treatment and ostracized. You chalk transgender identity up to a trick of the mind, ignoring the physical evidence that their brains are less like those of their biological sex and more like those of their post-transition gender. You say that transsexuals suffer from an illness of the mind, and I say that they are indeed suffering and should be treated.

What is your rationale for denying treatment to those suffering from GID? This is a modern age, where we treat illnesses and deformities with medicine, surgery, and therapy rather than taking them as ill omens or supernatural interference. I do not care to let your delicate fucking sensibilities stand in the way of the advance and betterment of humanity.
"Just because the Jews have been misunderstood and persecuted throughout history doesn't make us somehow better (only perhaps more conscious of the plight of the stranger)."

Not the ones currently in power in Israel. I miss Yitzhak Rabin.
I don't have time to read all this, but seeing SB so miffed & affronted warms my heart.

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