The deal with the Kansas Your Bigotry is OK as Long as It's Religiously-Based law is that it doesn't go quite far enough. Neil Steinberg goes there: if people can reject gays for religious reasons, then why not other categories of people? Should a Jewish supermarket clerk be forced to ring up pork products, or an abstainer alcohol? No, of course not!

Read it.

Money quote:

I'll tell you this, Mark the Apostle: you're not the only religion around anymore. You never were, but the boot has slipped off the neck of we untermenschen, and your not wanting to provide your lousy limo service for Adam and Steve today means that Hajji the taxi cab driver won't take you to communion tomorrow! Or the Steinberg Bakery gets to tell you to hustle your mayonnaise-larded Christophany right out the door and bring your business somewhere else.

"Christophany" is my new favorite word.