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"Gratification of lust", will be the name of my next band.
I must say, I love the names of the charges.
@1 us stink ass crackers have to do something in our spare tine
So, this is the god that made the earth in six days but can't protect a single child in his church? Some god. I'd fire the fucker.
only a third homosexuals?

running a little below normal.

surely danny isn't cherry picking the cases.....

some demographics do not see a problem with adult men impregnating 13 year old girls.
Serial killers, molesty pastors, and cannibals are usually white guy.
Keeping girls as sex slaves for decades is a male hispanic crime.(Arial Castro, Raul Ochoa, Phillip Craig Garrido)

For the two charged but not (yet) convicted, I hope you might reconsider whether to include the booking mugshots. Our own state's ACLU has caught a lot of shit for fighting newspapers' legislative and court efforts here in Washington to make mug shots publishable upon booking.

You're absolutely free to do it, of course, since those two live in states that don't protect the photos.
"gratification of lust,
while in a position of trust"

Cool! The Mississippi penal code is actually a cleverly designed rap lyric generator.
Yes, youth pastors in conservative, religious red states are flaming hypocritical boy-nappers. We get it already. What gives with the obsession with these cruds, Dan?

I mean, does anyone take them seriously in the first place?
Can we just add all youth pastors to the sex offender lists already so we know if they live in our neighborhoods?
Does the next to last story from South Carolina name the victim? I thought that generally isn't done.
@13, it looks like she made public statements identifying herself. She was interviewed directly by the news source quoted.
@13, @14 If it isn't germane to this column (and it isn't), there's no reason to republish the name here.

Dan, next time, please blank out the victim's name. If people want to find it in the original source, fine, but if it's ever deleted there for some reason, you don't want to be partially responsible for its continued life in the 'nets.
Yeah, church going conservative republicans. Send your young people to church to give them a dose of the gospel.
I understand the point of these, I guess, but as someone who was creeped on by an older person in a church, many years ago, seeing these is sometimes pretty upsetting.
I mean, does anyone take them seriously in the first place?

Yes, many.
@11. It's revenge, stupid. Dan points out the irony of shit-loads of unfounded bull shit said by religious fanatics about gays by showing them they have their heads so far up their asses they can't see the fucking pedophiles right under their noses. And the really offensive thing is that no matter how many of these kid fucking Christians Dan rubs in their noses, they can't see what's happening on their own church because everyone is draped in sanctified piety and self-righteousness.

Revenge is great entertainment to people who have been falsely accused of every conceivable evil and ill that can emerge from the fundamentalist mind. It levels the playing field. Therefore, you should avert your eyes at the appropriate moment.
Am I the only one who sees a young Mitt Romney in the dude from South Carolina?
Oh Dan. I know why you post these but I just find reading them extrodinarly depressing. Who hires these people? Don't they have mandatory vulnerable sector checks?
Just so the moron that has to post these the day they are arrested knows. The guy in MS was acquitted of all charges.

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