Aheh...yes, clean it better and he won't smell/have a gross mouth. Or it's all in your head, in which case, Dan's advice x2.

Yeah...advice for problems I think I'll never have.
Shower. My bf loves to toss and be tossed. I hate it. Man pussy isn't too bad in the shower. We already both enjoy cleaning each other. You can make sure he is clean and so are you.Kissing after is much more pleasant as well. Being GGG isn't about signing up for everything. For example. My bf is a Dom and likes to choke. We compromised on one hand, not both for safety reasons and my comfort level. It goes both ways though. He does role play for me. He may enjoy the role play as much as I do, but he still is indulging me.
@4: Straight people play with buttholes too, you sad virgin.
are people referring to anilingus in that way again?
If that's Dan nominating "salad tossing" for oblivion, I'm seconding.

depravity comes in many flavors.
you uptight shrew.
did you have a point?
@4, 7 - you're declaring consensual sex acts "depravity" and someone else is the "uptight shrew?" I don't get you trolls - if you hate what you read here so much, why keep reading...and commenting...and commenting some more? It's like you're fascinated - obsessed - with the object of your own disgust. You protest too much, which makes me think your disgust comes from your fear of your own desires. Get over it, and go protest somewhere else.
Ass is gluten-free.

where do we send the nickel?
If your ass is not clean, his kisses will reflect that. So what you're saying is that your cleaning skills are not at all good. Keep it clean and his kisses after rimming you will be as tasty as normal.

He may enjoy a dirty ass - some people do. But he will probably enjoy a clean ass, too - so start doing a better job of it.
As an avid ass-eater, I would not be offended if my partner asked me to spritz my mouth before kissing. Every pleasure has its price. I suspect the letter writer's ass is perfectly clean. She just has an oral-anal-oral squick.
My hubby does not present his salad to be tossed unless it is well-washed and rinsed. Tastes like soap more than anything.
I can't help but remember that the average person's hand has more bacteria and more disease-carrying potential than the average porn-star's ass. If you make efforts to keep your ass clean, you can do a pretty good job of it. And most people should wash their hands more often. Seriously, please, wash your hands after going to the bathroom. Wash your hands if you've been sneezing or coughing, when you can. I've kissed people's hands and shaken people's hands, but then, I've also caught lots of colds throughout my life. If you're looking for a health risk there's one more near to hand, silly homophobic anon.

No one is reading your post because you are an unregistered commenter and therefore none of us give a shit about what you have to say.
@15: it's ok, 14 is a different&better anon
@17: you left out 16? I feel bad for him.

No I don't
Eh, ass no matter how clean, still tastes like ass. I don't know about the rest of you but even clean in the shower dick still has a slight dick taste. If you don't like that taste no matter what, use mouthwash!
Honestly dog, whenever I've tried to tell a lady I don't like this-or-that, there is a zero percent change no matter how strongly I stress it's MY issue/preference/etc, they take it badly. You know how women be!

But things will probably work out for this ass-licking couple.
Never have I felt happier about my "never click on the unregistered comments" policy.
If somebody gave me a good rim job, I'd kiss the hell out of them. Rim job is still good, right?
I don't think it'd be a big deal to the guy -- I don't kiss my girl after I go down on her, and she doesn't kiss me after the same. I'm not real fond of my taste, and she isn't fond of hers, even though we like eachother's. It's not a rejection if your partner doesn't want to taste themselves.
@21--Me too, although #14 is an actual person, and not an under-bridge dwelling goat-o-phage.
Isn't there some kind of special shower appliance that helps with being really clean back there? Even just a long enough tube on the hand-held shower head?
Can we agree to not use the word "salad tossing" ? Every time I hear it I imagine someone juggling the aforementioned plant material inside the recipient's butt. Inaccurate and gross
Funny... I thought salad tossing referred to vomiting.

I have always been an avid rimmer, from age 17. It's been rare a woman wouldn't kiss me afterwards.

I would be grossed out by a visibly dirty 7th planet, but if I like the woman's scent, I really like the scent of her behind when it's at least half a day since she's showered. There are sex scent glands in the 7th planet.
@26 ... Do I need to throw away my salad tongs now? I only recently discovered some amazing new uses for them.

Again, about the near universal shunning of the unregistered... am I the only reader who finds it usual to have their e-mail address declared invalid and are forced to reply as unregistered? Today the stars are aligned for me and here I am. I see that this isn't the best example of there being some unregistered who are not racist homophobes, but really, not all of us are. Some of us have squeaky clean assholes, too.
I'm going to put out there the idea that CLEAN bottoms do have a taste which can translate to the receiver's mouth via kisses. Just like her parts have a flavor - and his - which so many complain about not liking (except for those of us who do), people taste like something. Not poop, let's just say it, but clean nether regions have a flavor....right?
I'm a happy, hetero woman married for many years and have been tossed and have tossed. Let's find a new phrase, please. I always think of prison sex when I hear it and somehow sounds suddenly like something we shouldn't be doing and more the realm of Fat Tony and Hoss.
So "salad tossing" is anal-oral ? I've learned something.

I agree with Dan. If licking someone's butt is on the menu, then said person has to wash thoroughly just beforehand. It's just plain hygiene.

I wonder whether LW eats her partner's ass, or doesn't because she hates the taste ?
>>>I'm a happy, hetero woman married for many years and have been tossed and have tossed. Let's find a new phrase, please.

How about "kiss the 7th planet"? (For those who don't pay much attention to the solar system, Uranus is the 7th planet.)

I think her distaste is a matter of expectations. She expects that he's going to taste badly after he kisses her 7th planet, and so that's what she perceives. There are all kinds of interesting experiments that have been done regarding expectations and outcome, from some having to do with cheap wines that people think are really good expensive wines when they've been primed to expect such, to lack of pain in situations where without the priming, the person would have felt pain. I wouldn't kiss the 7th planet if it didn't taste good (on rare occasions I have, in which I quickly backed off), and I don't think this woman's BF would do it if she didn't taste good.

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