Congratulations to our good neighbors to the north!
I guess I should be upset?
...hold second... see if I can pull this off: *GLOATINYOURFACEHAHHAHAVICTORYWIN* But really, we're sorry. Again, sorry. Thank you. Please enjoy the rest of your day. :)
So, Canada is better at hockey? Shocker.
Go Sweden! Svergen!!!!
Y'know, I'm sure I'll be pilloried for this, but there's a difference between sporting events and other news, and that is: the entertainment value of watching (or listening, I suppose) is the not knowing what's going to happen AS you watch.

Goldy, do you not care about spoilers? If I see the Chitty Chitty Walking Dead Club post (apologies for murdering the name) and I'm not planning on watching the episode until tonight I can click away. If I'm recording the Arsenal match I know to stay away from the Guardian site all day, but the NY Times is probably safe. But if I'm interested in local news I am not prepared for three periods of recorded hockey to be made worthless.

Sports are different. You don't watch CNN for suspense, you watch it to be informed (okay maybe that's a bad example).

It just seems s really shitty and thoughtless way to handle a topic that most Slog readers probably don't give a shit about anyway, and shame on you.
I think Goldie is upset because he writes 'Fuck'. But your question may be valid. People like Goldie often write stupid things like 'Fuck' just for the hell of it.
@6. I totally agree. There are certain sites I stay away from if I'm DVR-ing live sporting events to watch later in the day. I thought Slog would be safe. I guess not. Shitty.

Guess I'll make other plans tonight.
I'm wearing my Canada tshirt right now

Have fun dealing with Bieber: he's all yours!
when were team sports first added to the Olympics? (as opposed to one naked man set another, possibly throwing some object) and/or when will all team sports be added? ("bring back motoball!")
The more medals we win, the more other countries hate us. Every time the Americans walk away with a large number of medals, terrorism deaths increase. Look at the correlation between number of medals and subsequent number terrorism victims. The data is there. Read it.

US Olympic medal winners are terrorist instigators.
Agree with 6 and 8, pretty shitty spoiler. Is Slog fucking Sports Illustrated now or what?
As an American, I'm really getting tired of living in Canada's shadow.
Canada beats us in hockey, gay rights and personal liberty. They would have legalized marijuana years ago as well, if it weren't for our DEA and Harper.

Yes, but we have some of the finest private jails in the world!

And we still have Marc Emery in jail.…
Canada's mens team played like girls.
Go Finland!
Looks like Finland might beat us to full marriage equality as well.…
@Fnarf and the Canadians women's team played a far more exciting game.
JAT @6, Snappertuna @8, deign to say @12, y'all are out of line. Slog is about whatever's happening at the moment in the view of its writers. I miss seeing Megan Seling's random hockey musings. The writers shouldn't have to hold their guns just because a minority of the audience might be DVR'ing the event. By the time they wait to post until all of you DVR'ing individuals have had ample time to watch the event, it's like, why bother posting anything anymore?

Oh, and I share Goldy's sentiment about the outcome. I'm still bitter about the women's gold medal game yesterday. Up 2-0 with 3:30 to go, clang an empty-net shot against the goal post, and they lose. I wanted to watch today's game at the Angry Beaver today, but they were airing the CBC broadcast, not the NBCSN broadcast, and I couldn't bring myself to hear the game called from the Canadian viewpoint. And it's not like I have anything against Canada. Besides, Doc Emrick is a national treasure. Our nation!

Go get the bronze, guys!

The game was on live at 8:30am PST.

It's OVER, and we can only hope that our new Canadian overlords will impose single-payer health coverage.
Meanwhile up in Alberta we're suspending liquor laws so we can have bars open and serving alcohol at 5 AM on Sunday to watch the game...
@18, and they beat the Americans.

It's funny, I think that was the strongest confirmation I've ever seen of the old adage about the happiest Olympians being the winners of bronze, and the saddest being the winners of silver. The third place finishers are just like "whew, we made it, we medaled!", while the second-placers are like "fuck, we came so close to winning it all, now our dreams are all dead". The gold medalists are happy too, but not like bronze -- the gap between "any medal" and "no medal" is way bigger than between medals.
Some people have jobs and can't watch live sporting events in the early hours of the morning on a weekday. Thus, they DVR those live events and try to avoid spoilers until they can get home from work ad watch. Some sources of spoilers are easily avoidable because obviously. ESPN, Deadspin, even Slog, on the other hand, is not usually known for its spontaneous sports coverage, so is deemed a "safe" area in terms of potential spoilers.

It would have been pretty easy to write the headline as: "Olympic Hockey Results (caution, spoilers)," in fact, that's a pretty common headline when talking about a TV show. This is not Internet 101.

I stand by my earlier assessment: it was shitty.
@1 - That's "neighbours".

@20 - (said in a most Borat voice) Very nice.
@19 I really appreciate that you're here to tell us all what Slog is all about. There's nothing wrong about the statements @6. Sports are different than any other sort of news (trivial and unworthy diversions perhaps - but different).

A quick search for Spoiler nets 4420 results in the Stranger - yes while some are clearly ironic, obviously the Stranger is not averse to warning its readers. Here Goldy didn't, apparently because hey moment!

@20 - yes there's a shelf life for spoilers, but as @23 says - some of us have jobs and want to keep up on local news and correct thinking pro-socialist musings and events without having our time-shifted TV viewing fucked over.

Worst thing ever? No, but Jeez, Goldy, what's your fucking problem?
Congrats to Canada!

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