Let's not forget that Lively also was proud of his achievements in Russia.
What would you expect from petty, mean spirited people who are butt hurt about gay marriage?
A lot has been written about anti-gay legislation, but not about the social hysteria that causes it. In Russia for example, life has become very hard for the majority of the people after their 1% looted the economy. Politicians desperate for a scapegoat have tried to misdirect the public's rage by targeting the GLBT community. Uganda is an even more severe clusterfuck. Calling out the real culprits causing these societies' problems would go a long way towards reducing GLBT persecution.
i wonder if the Colbert show will now send "Buddy Cole" to Uganda..?

typing of 'Buddy Cole', i'd like to read Mr Savage's considered opinion on whether such humor is gay blackface or not. it manages to be occasionally amusing but it feels decidedly 'wrong'.

Key distinction being that Scott Thompson has been an openly gay comedian for about 30 years now. The blackface comparison would be apt if we were discussing a straight comedian pretending for the laughs.

On this issue, I don't know. Can we try Lively for crimes against humanity? Have him detained in the Netherlands?
Lively and LaBarbera are evil and barbaric people. There's nothing about them that I would consider Christian. Their method of using a Bible is indistinguishable from that very idol-worship that the Bible tells us is abomination.

If you don't hold Jesus's message of peace, love and equality in your heart, it doesn't matter how much Scripture you read, or how you interpret it. You're not a Christian. Lively, LaBarbera, their minions and supporters are, if anything, their own Satan's representatives on Earth, taking the Lord's name in vain, sowing confusion about Jesus's message, and actively seeking misery for their fellow man. In my opinion, they're some sort of devil-worshipers, not Christians.

There is no Hell, other than what evil shitheads like them create here on Earth. If there was, they'd be burning in it right now.
@6 Amen.
@7 Also, yes...evil actions but mostly just sad men. Maybe we should start a organization to adopt them and give them good homes with a chance at a better full of more joy and love and caring.
Oh you don't like the West's influence? Fine, starve.
At least assholes like Scott Lively are open about their raging homophobia, unlike the cowards here who lie that they don't have a problem with the LGBT community, so long as they don't have to see / hear / have to think about them.
@4 What @5 said. Plus, Thompson's humor both gently mocks and revels in the gay culture stereotypes. Buddy Cole has been around for decades, and faux performed a gay marriage on one of his segments. Periodically, his Buddy Cole segments were actually talking about topics that were in the gay community at large.

Blackface generally implies that a) the actor isn't gay, and b) the humor comes at the expense of a member of a less (ugh) privileged culture by reinforcing oppressive stereotypes. Given that Buddy's humor generally supports the gay culture, and Thompson is gay, I'd say that no, it doesn't count.

Interesting that they are willing to starve over the issue. Shows how strongly they feel about it.

Doesn't look like the whole world is going to eventually come around. Gay rights appears to be a quirky western cultural phenomenon.
Another fantastic example of Christian love and tolerance.
Jesus hates me
this I know.
'Cause the Bible
tells me so.
Pustulent. This is un-Christian.

I realize that the "live and let live" and "if you don't tell I won't ask" philosophies are seen as grossly inadequate by people who want to live openly and enjoy their legal rights fully, but Uganda isn't even letting people smile at the two "good friends" who live next door or rent housing to two "roommate ladies." Lots of Ugandans who don't care or who would even support gay rights will end up arrested or reporting people.
Jesus preached against all forms of discrimination, distinction and favoritism. These people are exactly the sort that he was against.
This is really disappointing. I was hoping that Museveni's request [according to the latest article I read] for US scientific input was for political cover to not sign the bill.

The part that burns me up about this is that I know that a large portion of Ugandans don't support this, but the energy, resources, and organization of the theocrats is a tough thing to beat.

@17: As far as the Old Testament goes, Leviticus 19 is full of good stuff about not oppressing people and treating everyone fairly and not taking advantage of those less fortunate than you.
Reactionary bullshit is always transparent. The problem is how much people suffer because of it, even temporarily.
You don't have to be religious to be a dangerous bigot, but it sure helps.

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