...if there's anybody watching.
Can we just invade Arizona and put the idiots into re-education camps already?
Someone should develop a "Report the Haters" app. You can add video, photos, a description of service you were refused etc. Maybe a mini Yelp for hateful businesses. Gays and non-gays can use the app to know what businesses to avoid.

Or maybe use Yelp itself, and maybe Yelp could add a "discrimination" category.

But maybe opening this up to tech and the free market isn't as good as a anti-discrimination court ruling though....
They should've started pumping thorazine into the water supply 20 years ago. Now it's too late.
At least it's a dry hate ....
it gives Danny the epic buttsore to think that some folks do not like him.....
why is potatoe-face's colour an issue, Danny?

racism is not cool; in fact, it makes you stupid....
Thanks, #6. You made my morning!

I think I just figured out who the unregistered troll is: Dan Quayle. It's the misspelling of "potato" as "potatoe" that finally revealed him.
Oh dear.... Every time he said SIR I shuddered
And meanwhile in Uganda draconian anti-gay legislation has just been signed into law. We need to to stop giving money (400 mil a year to Uganda, big tourist bucks to Arizona) to both of these places.
"but but but this law is to protect people who want to discriminate against the gays. Who would want to discriminate against an unwed mother?" I had to stop watching because I found myself almost feeling bad for Potato Head ... he clearly isn't mentally equipped to handle AC.
On the plus side, Arizona right wing anti-choice laws have again been overruled by the courts. Republicans must stop their attacks on freedom.
Also, this is why we must impress on progressives to get out the vote these mid-term elections. They are every bit bit as important as presidential elections in determining which way our government will go.
CNN videos crash my computer. Here's the youtube of #1…

Also, was Melvin drunk?
Free rein, not free reign. Think horse, not king.
BTW, Tucson's totally cool. I'm wondering if the proposed new law countermands the few local anti-discrimination statutes.
"but the haters in Arizona are targeting gay people."

I think "illegal"-looking people might want some inclusion on that, or perhaps they'd rather not.
@18, even if, places like Rocco's Little Chicago Pizzeria there in Tucson are ready:…

(Sign: "We reserve the right to refuse service to Arizona legislators")
Lord, this is the "stand your ground" law of discrimination. Say the secret word, and discriminate at will.
" interview with that potato-faced white turd" - really? Somehow being white is contributing to his gay-bashing? I agree he's turd-like, and potato-faced - but what's being white got to do with anything?

Let's try to cut down on racist language when describing bigots - it's stupid. And bigoted.
@21 - Some interpretations suggest that it means any and all laws in Arizona are moot, provided you claim sincerely held religious beliefs. The law as written doesn't even require that you back that up with any scripture or written dogma, just the assertion that your god approves of your behavior.
Rural and suburban Arizona versus Phoenix and Tucson.

Gotta say, this guy is no Anita Bryant.…

What are the odds of him actually winning?
@22: Indeed. Particularly when homophobia is quite prevalent in among non-whites, and in particular African Americans.

We've long accepted in our society that people can be too young and inexperienced to govern; so, we require that you obtain a certain age before you can run for office.

Perhaps, it's time that we agreed as society that some people's "mental age" is just too damned old to govern.
If Jan Brewer does the only sensible political and legal thing and veto this bill - which I think she will do, could the Arizona legislature then override it?

If the sheets fit...
His level of cognitive dissonance is staggering. But why bother doing interviews if you make zero attempt to answer questions.

...because he's running for governor of the extremely old farts state, and his target demographic is parked in front of a television.
@21 "I clearly felt that my Christian heterosexuality and my marriage were threatened by the gay person to whom I was required to provide goods and services in the course of my job!"
@6 FTW
@28: Well, maybe not so much in Arizona but certainly in Uganda!
They have their own reality in AZ. It's a bizarre and backwards place.
@35 -- Stop living in deserts, People! The voice you hear is sun-stroke, not Jesus.
@22: What color are your turds generally? (If white, please see a doctor immediately.)
And this potato head is running for Governor? Get your shit together, Arizona.
In defense of the AZ legislator's poor performance, it is very hard to stand there and say that when you have no leg to stand on. /snark

I think referencing that this guy is white is fair. Straight white males always have been and still largely are the rule and law makers in this country. And as a member of this group, he hasn't encountered the sort of discrimination his law is trying to cover for. Having never been a minority he doesn't know what it's like to be threatened in this way.


It is interesting what a poor spokesperson he is for his own law. He doesn't even appear to have the talking points down.

I do think it was hilarious towards the end of the first clip that Mr. Potatohead insisted that there was no discrimination of any kind in Arizona. Cooper could barely contain his eyerolling. Dude went on to suggest that Anderson should move to Arizona because apparently it's more "people-friendly."

@34: You need to educate yourself about where the Uganda law came from. I'll give you a hint: WHITE PEOPLE

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