Buh-bye bigot legislation!
And thus the political theater continues. State politicians coming from bigoted areas get to say they fought the good fight without having the law actually pass.
So, no gay lunch counters in Arizona?
defeating legislation such as this is great, but it's not enough and perhaps not even the most effective response. why not a data base of lgbt unfriendly businesses so people can avoid them? a sort of a better business bureau reporting system? how long will an anti-gay florist or caterer stay in business if wedding planners know who they are?
So exciting if she vetoes!! Come on, batshit governor!


and also a homo-business database.

so folks can find out privately what businesses to avoid,,,

Instead of telling me to google something, why not just link to it?
Damnit, does this mean that I don't get to move to Ariganda, open a business and tell religious assholes to get the fuck out of my store?
Next up for bigot legislation: Missouri. Yep, a Republican state senator actually filed legislation today, based upon the Kansas and Arizona bills.
Completely terrifying that it got this far to begin with! And she will veto the bill, not because she knows it's the right thing to do, but because she knows it will be bad for business in Arizona if she doesn't.
It's a tough decision for sure. Cyrus Beene would know what to do.
@13 In capitalism, good/bad for business tends to be the only measure of right/wrong. Fortunately, the best of us know how to play that game well too.
I hope she does sign it. This is one of those times when you want them to go full-retard.
Jan Brewer could be the next Anita Bryant for this generation. Arizona could lose millions.
Arizona can kiss Superbowl 49 goodbye if she signs it, not a joke, NFL will seriously consider this if she does.
I kind of hope these bills do pass, but with one added requirement - if you wish to exercise your "deeply-held religious beliefs" on this manner, you have to declare it before hand, loud and proud. Neon yellow poster in your storefront window, banner ad at the top of your website, however else you promote your business, you declare your intention to be a bigot. Personally, I'd like to know which of the businesses I frequent hold these beliefs. I'm sure the fundies who want to reserve their right to refuse business on the grounds of hatred and fear would certainly support my right to take my business elsewhere.

The NFL has already pulled one Superbowl out of AZ (for their failure to pass legislation recognizing Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as a holiday), so you'd think politicians there would have learned that lesson already. But, apparently, the breed them dumber than a box of sand down there, so it wouldn't surprise me in the least if religious-bigotry trumps economic common-sesne - yet again.

Oh wow, I didn't realize the NFL did that, good for them. NFL has come a long way since the days of the AFL/NFL (where NFL had bigoted rules). As far as I know, both federal senators (John McCain included) are against the signing of the bill, so maybe they do remember.
"Just imagine the cross examinations. A business owner refuses to serve a gay couple and hides behind his Catholicism and the gay couple takes him to court and forces him—under oath—to prove that he's not just nominally Catholic, but that he's really most sincerely Catholic. Does he use birth control? Has he ever had premarital sex? Does he masturbate?"

Does he refuse service to divorced people?
Does he refuse service to women who have had abortions?
Does he rape altar boys? Does he tolerate people who do?
@23: Does he refuse service to those who DON'T beat their children? Does he refuse service to those who wear mixed fabrics? Does he refuse service to those who eat shellfish?
This has to be one of the most ambiguous low key victories ever. Is there a hip new phrase for something falling between FTW and Epic Fail?
I'm fairly sure the spirit of Rumpole wants her to sign it. Well spotted, Mr Savage.
Has anyone else heard the R spin doctors saying that the Big Message going forth is that the Republican Party is saying "We Hear You"?

All together now...

Gimme an L!
Gimme an M!
Gimme a B!

What's that spell?


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