"The last time this happened, I filed a report, and it was more traumatic than the attack," he explains, a sentiment many are familiar with.

Is this inherent to the process, our police letting us down or some combination of factors?
Jesus. Poor Ade.

Fucking trashy drunk attackers.

Also, I know filing reports suck, but I wish he'd reconsider. Reports help because not filing them keeps the crimes invisible.
God how scary! :(
I hope no one comes in here telling her what did she expect walking home at 3am in a short skirt.
That sucks. I'm glad it was relatively minor as far as physical injuries are concerned, and I am glad he kicked one of the attackers in the face.

I think Ade needs to file a report, though; these guys may do it again, and if they're caught, having a report on file and being able to identify them later on in a line up will be important.
Fucking SU private-tuition spoiled drunkass felonious shitbirds. That area around the school has gotten so bro-tardy. Thanks Von Trapp's!
This makes me furious. do we need patrols of people around the hill on weekends now? bats and clubs anyone?
Horrible thing. This is not a blame the victim or to imply in any way they deserved it. But for goodness sake, don't walk home at 3am alone in Cap Hill or 1st Hill or the CD. That's "living in the big city 101".
Reported an attack once and it was awful...waited 3 hours for the police to show up then another 2hours of a lot of questions like: "what were you doing out so late?"... " were you drinking?"... "did you do anything to provoke them?" " ya know shouldn't be out by yourself that late"... nothing became of it. Waste of time.
The fact that reporting a crime is more traumatic than experiencing it in the first place is another indictment of SPD. And state violence is worse than random-dipshit violence, because it has the weight of the state behind it.

I'm sorry, but I agree that Ade should report anyways. And out-of-control douche-bros need to be controlled, with electric shocks if necessary.

I was wondering about that, and I wonder if that's what SPD would do today. I'm kind of giving them the benefit of the doubt that in a city such as this in the modern age, they might be more sensitive to crime victims.
So awful. I'm glad Ade is ok.
This is just the beginning of the fallout from the capitol hill takeover. The classic occupants and cultural developers of the hill have been/ are being squeezed out and the new occupants are dickheads from the East side who have plenty of money and want to live in a cultural, fun, quirky neighborhood. Give it 3 more years and it will feel just like downtown Bellevue - complete with drunken dude bros and valet parking.

The need for Home Alive and other community based safety programs is now more relevant than ever.... why is this allowed in my home town?--- hell... this could be a job for straight edge punks.
Organizations like Home Alive are more relevant and needed than ever----

Don't start a comment with "I'm not blaming the victim," and then go on to blame the victim. It makes you look like an asshole.
Ade shouldn't have to walk home in heels ever, and deserves be borne home on a gauzy palanquin, lofted by beautiful, bronzed, bodyguards.
Pony: please get on this.
This makes me so extremely angry, sad, and frustrated. I don't know how many times I've shared a cab home with Ade, (and so many of the other queer folks at Pony on a weekend night) - shared a cab, even though most of us only live a few blocks away.

It's often embarrassing - you tell the Uber driver or cabbie where you're going (uh, 3 or 4 blocks, sir) and they think you're lazy and/or crazy. How do you tell that driver that you'd rather just walk, but since Condo Boom 2013, since Capitol Hill became Capitol HEIGHTS, you're terrified of getting gay bashed or worse.

Capitol Hill needs more police patrol on the weekends. The douche-bros are out of control, and nobody is safe anymore. Its sad and disgusting.
No matter the state of corruption of the police department, no matter the crime, no matter the anguish and unnerving experience it is, filing a police report is EVERYONE's civic duty and moral duty.
I'd love to see key community/nightlife players like Linda Derschang and Dave Meinert throw their support behind the development of some kind of walking escort program. Clearly the folks who live here are interested, but without business support/sponsorship I don't really see it taking off.
And it's not too late for Ade to file the report.
8: Fuck you.

Ade, I am so glad you kicked one of your attackers in the face.

It is time to reboot Q Patrol. Considering the fratty mobs roaming the Hill, it could lead to some real Warriors-type shit. But one good and prominent homophobe ass-whup could make sure visitors understand the terms of visiting Cap Hill.

This doesn't just happen to unsuspecting nice folks like Ade and Robbie Turner either.

To the thugs standing on the corner of Pike and 10th, who knocked my friends hat off her head one afternoon last summer, as we casually walked by—telling her she wasn't "a man": My friends stopped me—next time I will bash back. You're gonna get a face full of pepper spray or maybe I will try to dot one of your eyes with a fist full of brass knuckle. (this is an absolutely immature and dangerously stupid reaction, but sometimes the bully needs to be reminded that he is, in fact, the coward)
Agree that Cap Hill is getting increasingly bro-tardy, agree there needs to be a stronger police presence, agree that filing a report shouldn't be a horrible slog. But unfortunately with city resources being what they are and the SPD being the dipshit outfit it is, should we not start to take matters into our own hands a bit more?

Like maybe it's time to buy a can of mace and/or a taser, and start taking out some of these motherfuckers ourselves. Ade kicking that asshole in the face was a good start, but I'd like to see some guerrilla sting operations...send out a vulnerable looking gay man and shadow him home with 10-12 hulking muscle boys waiting for someone to fuck with him.

Create some consequences for these bastards.
In other words, what @22 and @23 said.
@ Kelly O: The Stranger has access to Capitol Hill community leaders. Maybe you guys could push for a forum concerning walking escorts or other solutions? Minimizing these events and helping keep our neighbors safe is all of our responsibility.
It's always the WRONG drag queen that's attacked...
@22 Schmaaaaader.......come out to plaaaaaay.......
I think he should carry mace, just like my daughters do. Mace enough of these fuckers, and maybe they will quit picking on people.
Come to think of it, what WERE they planning on doing if Ade had turned out to be a girl?

I really think this needs to be reported.
@9: Still, your answers were collected, on the public record, and such data can be used as evidence against your assailant if there ever was a trial.
How about hiring the Hate City Crew? Oh wait, they're the one's also starting fights and bringing violence to the neighborhood.

@28 - if I could help facilitate a free self defense class, or somehow get a screaming deal on a truckload worth of pepper spray, I think that'd be a more productive option.

My friend was harassed in MIDDLE OF THE AFTERNOON. A nice, sunny summer afternoon... It was so unexpected and so goddamn unfair.

Douche Bros don't only attack at night. This makes it difficult to organize a defense.
True, but it's possible to mitigate the issues during their most common hours by making sure no one has to go home alone.
@34 fuck. you are SUCH an asshole..
I don't know Ade, but I LOVE her! I am so sorry this happened (twice) to her in our neighborhood and, I have to say, Squire Park has changed quite a bit since Seattle U tripled its enrollment a couple of years ago. I don't want to point fingers at the Jesuits, but there was never frat-boy behavior in Squire Park until SU expanded, and now noisy house parties, street fights, and late-night drunken hollering is a normal, weekend thing. I resent it.
@19, 34: Go fuck each other.
Liberal definition of "high profile".

The other part me wonders, who exactly are these dudes that would attack someone for being in drag/being gay/whatever? What do they get out of it that's worth risking a night/month/2 years in jail for? There are cheaper, more legal thrills; one could fly to a number of third world countries and pay a relative pittance to watch (or participate) in some really ill shit.
@27 - You are correct: Seattle U does not have an organized Greek system. We don't even know these guys are Seattle U students. But I live two blocks from this corner, and trust me: Squire Park has been flooded with drunk college kids since the school increased enrollment by 45% in 2010. Von Trapp's brought in a whole new level of douchebag when it opened last year. The neighborhood went from being a quiet, somewhat undiscovered part of the CD to classic frat row.
Much support for Ade over here, but can some of you folks PLEASE consider not using the "tard" or "R" word reference! You make your supportive points moot when you use descriptive terms for people that ALSO know what it feels like to be attacked and singled out. Tomorrow is "Spread the Word, to End the Word Day"!
@45 Fucking retard.
@43 - CUNT. Weeeeeeeee! Nice one! You kiss your momma with that mouth?

Not surprised that this thread is turning into a troll party. I guess the asshole factory just let out, and all the little people are thinking someone actually cares that they are furiously typing anonymous nonsense, into the anonymous nonsense comment void.
Does The Stranger have anybody assigned to track the violence and police response here? This is not going to go away until the SPD steps in or vigilantism occurs. As Kelly O mentioned, she and her friends are afraid of walking 4 blocks and she has reached the point of wanting to resort to violence. She won't be the only one. The SPD needs to do its job before people have to resort to carrying whistles and using protection squads again.
SPD's made it pretty clear that they're understaffed and can't/won't do their jobs. Last summer's spate of muggings on their doorstep really underscored that.
@49 Way to be an asshole AND completely irrelevant. Golf clap. Now go date rape someone.
There are plenty of ways we can go about solving this problem, but a very easy, simple and legal way of taking care of ourselves as we walk home is to carry pepper spray or mace.

Buy a container of pepper spray. Keep it IN YOUR HAND as you walk home - not in your pocket or purse, but in your hand and ready to go.

Protect yourself. No guns, no knives, just pepper spray or mace - it works, it's legal and it's easy - and everyone walking out at night should have their spray in their hand, at the ready.

Capitol Hill has changed and we must protect ourselves from violence and harassment. It's up to us. Go today and buy some pepper spray. It could save your life.

I really want to help with anything like a nightwatch/escort/Guardian Angel sort of thing...I'd do a night or two a month duty, for sure. I feel terrible for Ade, and for our community.
@54: They had some big hoopla about the Capitol Hill Block Watch starting about a year ago, but I don't know what became of it. A long time ago there was also the Q-Watch.
Well, I know they have a paper to run and all that, but if The Stranger could lead the charge for something like this -- I would get on board in a second. I can't find anything like that prgram currently extant via a Google search.
I encourage the use of pepper spray (bear spray, if you have something large enough to carry it in - seriously, if it'll take out a bear, think of what it'll do to a drunk 20-something human) or a taser, but people shouldn't be under the misapprehension that these alone will be a deterrent, particularly when confronted by more than one attacker (and these douches DO seem to roam in packs - BTW, what DOES one call a pack of douches, anyway? A showering?). Obviously, your best bet is to never walk alone; second best, if confronted, run like hell; and if all else fails, go for the vitals - eyes, throat or testicles, preferably. These assholes are trying to cause you physical harm, so you should have no compunction whatsoever when it comes to harming them back.

And then file the police report. It may not help you personally, but amassing the data does play some part in where SPD decides to dedicate resources, and not ALL LEO's are steroid-addled, control-freaking loose cannons out to compensate for their teeny-tiny penises - some in fact don't even HAVE penises.
@56: I haven't found any programs like that as a nightlife initiative, although most universities have some version of a night walk program. They also, of course, can afford to keep security officers on salary.

That said, I really think some kind of community Safe Walk program could help immensely. The barrier is really working out a feasible and practical implementation/being able to present concrete details instead of vague ideas. It's something I've given a lot of thought to, and will continue to do, because goddamnit I'm tired of resorting to Lyft when I'm out in costume or just generally heading home after a night of revelry.
@58 - Thanks for the thoughts. Back in 2009, Dan Savage pronounced that such a program was not needed because the police were doing enough.…

Do we still agree?
Where can one buy pepper spray?
The problem with SPD (or any PD) is that their response to street crimes happens AFTER the crime has already occurred. It's not entirely their fault, because patterns can only be so predictive, but it also puts the burden of lessening risks on the community.
@60: You can get stun guns and pepper spray at You can also find pepper spray in sporting goods stores or gun stores.
@59; I've read that article 3 times now and still can't draw the conclusion that Dan was calling for an end to Q-Patrol because it was needed. I think his comments in 2009 still ring true today, nobody is stepping up to restart something like Q-Patrol. Mostly, because the police have said they don't want it revived. Time I suppose for SoSea Seattle/Shaun Knittel to quit being chummy with the police and just start it up.
there is only fear and you Ade.............!

All Hater and Bigots there's nothing to fear so why not LOvE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@63 - When I read this...

Jerry Knight, the victim of a brutal gay bashing last week, had this to say about the SPD's response: “I am really proud of our police department and how seriously they took it,” Knight told Dom. “It reinforced my faith in the police department. They really made me feel safe." No victim of a gay bashing in, say, 1988 could have said anything remotely similar.

In same way vigilante groups like Guardian Angels eventually fizzled even though urban crime hadn't been eradicated, their "pink" knockoffs fizzled even though gay bashings still happen. Because they served their function: they shamed the police and the authorities into doing a better job. seemed to me that he was at peace with the fizzle. And, I'm sure, the Frizzelle. But, all that said, the bottom line is the police do not appear to be doing enough and it's time for the community to come help.
#60, you can also find lots of pepper spray options on eBay. Really, really cheap. Outwardly I look like somebody that seriously nobody would fuck with. But I carry one anyway--in my hand, in my pocket, with the safety OFF, while I walk at night. That's just how CapHill is now. Anybody that ever gives me any shit is really going to regret it. The pepper spray will be just the warmup prep before whatever he gets next.
@8: Of course everyone knows it's dangerous to walk alone at 3 am at night. It's a calculated risk for those of us in the service/ entertainment industry who have to work til late at night and don't have a lot of options. The cost of cab rides add up and there's no public transportation at that hour. Also attacks like this can and do happen at ANY time.
But I shouldn't have to justify it. I'm not gonna let anyone scare me and control my life.
This was a Hate-crime pure and simple. Most people would be appalled to know how often this happens. I know too many people that have been attacked (sometimes multiple times). It's amazing how people forget that harassment, bullying, discrimination, hate, and fear unceasingly oppress queer people.
It's also maddening that Ade feels that filing a report with the police is almost worse than the crime itself. Ade did nothing! Cops victim blame, society victim blames...and then they forget about us. It's just a way of asserting their fucking privelege.
We need pepper spray that has bright blue paint in it as well. If any assailant gets sprayed with it, they won't be able to hide the blue paint and it will mark them as an attacker for all to see (like they do with the shoplifting paint pellet devices).

Whether the police can help Ade or any attacked person is definitely debatable, but I applaud Ade for taking it to the press and the Stranger for printing this article. Visibility and discussion of the problems are necessary.
All of my love and support to Ade. <3 <3 <3
Discretion may have been in order here knowing that there are a lot of drunk idiots wandering around at 3:00 a.m. I'm reminded of the film Priscilla, Queen of the desert.... or am I crazy? The young Hispanic guy gets the shit kicked out of him for teasing the work crew. Probably a bunch of republican red necks.
Has anyone bothered to give it any thought that it is possible that poor Ade caught a heel on the sidewalk or maybe had a bit of a buzz and took a tumble. Scraped knees being to good to waste plus a little imagination and the next thing you know he kicked one in the face and off they ran. OK.
to those of you who fear capitol hill will become bellevue with chic restaurants and valet parking, calm the fuck down. that already happened in the late '70s and early '80s and will not be making a comeback. i remember places like Henry's Off Broadway, Boondock's, and Lion O'Reilly's that catered to the bridge and tunnel crowd and are, thank goodness, no more. Cap Hill is much more egalitarian now than it was in the old days. the only affordable places to eat back then were Dick's and the Deluxe. and i speak as a 35-year resident of our fair city and neighborhood.

i do feel safe on the hill, safer than i felt when i moved here in 1979. i walk home late at night on occasion, and feel quite safe. this does not mean i discount other people's experience. if i saw someone being assaulted i would have no qualms about giving the attacker a Glasgow kiss (look it up).

i doubt all the drunken assholes cited in this story are from Seattle University. a goodly number may be from UW or perhaps not even college boys at all. but they all got two things in common: they're all MEN and they MUST BE STOPPED.
@70: If all urban GLBT-bashing rednecks were actually Republicans, Mitt Romney would be president (assuming that they all voted of course).
I would gladly start walking the streets in drag with my .357 to catch some frattard idiots. F STP. Go vigilante.
What "TomJohnsonJr" said. Cap Hill at night has become infested with roving bands of chunk-style, SUV driving suburban meatheads. Don't expect the cops to do anything either. Is CH still a neighborhood where people defend their own? Time will tell.
Oh how awful.

You can get a pepper spray at amazon that is a combination of mace, pepper spray and uv something or other that will show up under black light. Three-packs were pretty cheap, put one in each bag and coat pocket so you always have it.
hang in there! i hope that the police can treat you with kindness and dignity, and that you can feel safe in your own home. i am of the belief that they should always take these sorts of criminal reports in the home. there is no reason that an RN could not perform rape kits etc, when your OWN HOME. we nee to make it easier and less traumatic for victims to come forward. thank you for sharing your story! you are brave! <3
I appreciate Ade's desire not to report this assault, but he really should.

His report contributes to the city's crimes statistics, which is then considered during the budget allocation. They can also be used to hold the department accountable. Because it isn't just his report, but the aggregate numbers. If these crimes go unreported, then it is easy for the police to just wave it off, "nobody told us."

So sorry this happened to you, Ade.

I'm a personal trainer with a considerable amount of martial arts training under my belt, and I might be able to entice some of my instructors to hold workshops in basic self-defense on the Hill. No guarantees, but does anyone know whom I might contact on the Hill to at least get some dialogue started?

Absolutely appalled to see the level of trolling occurring on this thread. I see that Seattleblues was among the culprits; any idea who else among our regular posters might have piled on?
Reporting crimes can be way more awful than living thru them, especially since the asshole who treated you like a rag doll is asleep in his bed in his $95 Seattle U hoodie and you're nursing a bloody knee in the back of a squad car.
I am nearing a 25-year residency in this city. Personally, I am "literally" pretty much "fed up" with just even hearing about even one more attack on someone who is just minding their own business. I've been victimized myself. You folks are now (or should be) well aware there is potential danger out in the open ( when you are not shielded by walls, doors or security folks) and should exert some common sense here (if you have any.) Here's some tips I recommend; so you can either "use" them or "lose" them. 1. If you are on foot (and especially if you are alone) carry extra garment(s) big enough to help you dress down if you are in ANY type of attire that may draw "unwanted" attention and have a pair of shoes suitable for walking (swiftly) or running 2. Prepare well-enough in advance for a safe way to get home and let a bar buddy/employee, close friend or family member know if you are not following your regular routine/method. 3. Carry protection but keep in mind if you seriously injure or kill someone you can/may still be charged with a crime. 4. Use whatever makes you feel good responsibily 5. Never ever (UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE) attempt to travel alone if you are too high or drunk 6. DO NOT ENGAGE IN ANY ARGUMENT OR FIGHT UNNECCESSARILY and if the scene gets "too" heated, LEAVE OR GET HELP!!!
I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but a woman was reportedly raped in an alley in this area last weekend too.…

Much love and strength to Ade!
Just a side point for the record though, 13th & Cherry is NOT in Capitol Hill, though it's close. This happened in the Minor area of the Central Area (the seedy CD). Gentrification isn't being kind to either neighborhood, though.
@71: Nice troll job, saying Ade is lying about the attack... Unless you have evidence to back up your claim, stop victim-blaming and stfu. Your job as a human being is to support someone in need until there is evidence to the contrary. wtf?
@83 Ade was not attacked on Capitol Hill, where this woman's attack occurred more than a mile away. He was in Squire Park, a residential area of the Central District.

Bringing back Q-Patrol and other groups is a great idea, but I doubt they would walk off the Hill to 13th and Cherry.

@85, some words and phrases to consider are "there is one born every minute", gullible, drama queen, false report, witness or witnesses, "never waste a crisis", sucker, chump and finally one just for you - asshole. Being a typical liberal you equate anyone who does not agree with you or yours as a "hater" (whatever the fuck that means) or a "victim blamer" ( aren't all liberals victims anyhow ?) or anyone who does not go for tall tales hook line and sinker is branded a "troll". I say that your job as a human being is to attempt to keep your cake hole closed until you grow up and gain the necessary intelligence to conduct a civil conversation and to be able to rationally examine the facts without allowing your delicate feelings to dictate your actions. You may begin by examining poor, poor Ades' background, you may come to the conclusion that she (?) is quite the fibber and not nearly as pure as the driven snow, to put it as nicely as I can. Check the facts and you may leave your apology here when you know what I know. Good day.

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