if'n i've said it before i've said it a hundurd times:

Horse Drawn Zeppelins!

Matt the Engineer, take a bow!
Also in mind for Kirkland, and as someone pointed out the other day, used successfully in Colombia.
Ain't gonna be no Broke Down Tunnel so you might as well
Parking's easier to find on the waterfront than it is up by the Convention Center, unless you want to pay $25. I know a place right by the market that's always open even on the busiest Saturdays, and wouldn't you like to know where!
Take it all the way to Broadway...
It's not such a difficult walk from the convention center to the waterfront that it merits special tranport. I could get behind a cross Lake Washington gondola, though.
Apparently nobody's noticed yet that this is a privately-operated line, meant only to serve tourists, using public airspace and not connecting any legitimate work or living space together.

It's merely a way for the rich to avoid having to interact with bums.
A gondola is stupid. It's slower, more expensive, and has less capacity than... a bus.
Maybe instead of suspending the gondolas from a moving, swinging cable (which doesn't seem safe to me), they could instead have goldolas that ride on some sort of solid single rail that supported them from underneath? Now THAT would be a solid idea.
Do it! Sounds like a modern take on Wuppertal's over street mass transit.
the griffiths have gone downhill since andy died.
@1 good lawd, thank you for that!
Just walk! It's not that far away! What about your health? Walking is good for you!

@5 Take the bus or train downtown. Public transportation in Seattle's great and hunting and paying for parking is a headache there.

I hope it is all private because I don't want a single public dime going into it.
@5: WM
Cross Lake Union Capitol Hill to Queen Anne Express.
Why not Condolas. Then you could just move when you get tired of the view.
It will attract tourists who come here to "get high".
I love this. Privately funded and operated and it'll work even when our buses can't make it up the hill. The one in Portland operates 24/7 when the roads are icy. Hopefully, this will follow suit. The views from the gondolas will be stellar too.
@10 folks in Portland had similar concerns about wind, etc. but it turns out they were unfounded. The gondolas have never had to have a down day even during strong winds.
Is anyone old enough to remember SkyBuckets at Disney World? They were continuous, like a ski lift, but covered.
I'd totally ride a skybucket from 15th & Dravus to downtown.…
Private citizens want to spend their money to rake in the tourist dough and create a fun new stupid thing in Seattle? Knock yourselves the fuck out, fellas.

That Hansen asshole can learn a few things from the Griffiths.
Never ever ever going to happen. Ever. SDOT will never allow it. And they shouldn't. Picture the towers sitting in the sidewalk or the parking lane.

The Griffiths should concentrate on building a waterfront rollercoaster.
As if the Ferris Wheel wasn't bad enough, now the owners want to use public lands and right of ways to funnel more people to their blighted eye sore.
And in typical modern Stranger style, our so called "progressives" support this corporatism.
Thanks @2. If it goes anything like the Great Wheel, this thing will be running in no time.

@9 It has around the capacity of 50 buses.

@8 They haven't determined pricing yet, but they have mentioned 2-tier pricing and hope to integrate with Orca. They want people on the waterfront, and the more they charge the fewer that will ride it.

@24 Yes, we support a fairly small family business that single-handedly is making Seattle more awesome, and providing quiet, green, electric transit. What have you done for us lately?
@23 The columns will have ~3'x3' footprint and fit between the roadway and the sidewalk.

I am fully in support of bringing back Luna Park.
@26: matt, the roadway abuts the sidewalk. that line is not 3' wide.

are you saying the towers go where light poles would, on the sidewalk but closer to the curb?

I know where it is and you need to shut the hell up about such talk.

That parking is for old-school Seattlites and shouldn't even be mentioned in public.
@27 Yes.
One from SLU up and over I-5 to Cap Hill would be damned convenient. Maybe from the SLUT station at Fred Hutch.

Anything to put another stitch in our bisected city.
Gondolas would be a great idea for multiple reasons including turning to our advantage the topographic lineation that makes East-West surface traffic rather difficult around here.

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