Media Matters:

Responding to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's veto of a measure that would have sanctioned anti-gay business discrimination, The Washington Times' editorial board denounced the "lavender lobby" for asking for tolerance from "the people the despise most, men and women of faith." In an editorial published on March 5, the Times assailed Brewer's veto as a blow to religious freedom, relying (and not for the first time) on the extremist Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) for comment. The Times' editors argued that the only way a business owner would know a customer's sexual orientation would be if "a customer walks in announcing his sexual proclivities." The editorial also contemplated when a "wedding cake announces its sexual proclivities."

The Moonie Times:

A wedding cake announces its sexual proclivities only when the baker puts two men or two women on it, and this, to many, mocks authentic marriage.

Our wedding cake had two gold cocks on top. But it was a bi-identified cake—it swung between chocolate and vanilla, fruit and ganache filling, and I had to spend a lot of time with our cake discussing some negative things I'd written in the past about fruit fillings in wedding cakes.