Attendance was way down last year. It's too bad, I had a lot of fun there and my dad made some money... Oh well.
The Steampunk Exhibition Ball will still happen in Jan. 2015.
I refuse to believe this until my official hand typewriter typed morse code Facebook engraving of this arrives by electro carrier pigeon fax-o-graph sometime later this year.

Pull down goggles, twist mustache, cape flip, exit forum by velo-raptor (unicycle)
That sounds more like a young con mismanagement problem than a steampunk problem (not that that would stop the NYT if they know what steampunk was).
I say! Monocle: play recording of SteamCon V | searching for "Top hats" and "bustiers"
Oh so sad! My first date ever with my OK Cupid-met sweetie was when she had me as her guest on the Sunday of last year's SteamCon...she got so many bonus points for original thinking right out of the gate!
What little good was in steampunk was ruined years ago by people who also thought Bioshock 3 was the greatest game of their little lives.
Everyone is at Geek Girl Con - Roya almost finished her SuperGirl outfit, for example

There are many choices, and SteamCon was just one of many.
@7 for the win, even though The New Yorker now says monocles are in for fashion.
The New Yorker can't declare steampunk dead as it was never alive. It's not a real thing and people have to quit trying to make it a thing.
How on Earth did this make Slog
Castle made it a thing once.

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