Real consequences for real people:

Do you guys even check your SlogTip mail folder anymore?
Ironically, gays were persecuted by the Nazis. The pink triangle symbol is a legacy of that persecution.

The reference to the "yellow cross" is an apocryphal attempt to suggest that people of all faiths were persecuted by the Nazis. Only a few sects of Chrstianity, such as Jehovah's Witnesses, were persecuted explicitly and these were labeled with a purple triangle, not a yellow cross.
Ah yes, the classic "you're intolerant for not tolerating my intolerance!" canard.

This brand of Christian seems to possess a serious martyr complex (which, IMO is simply a latent expression of a deep psychological tendency towards masochistic behavior); pining for the "good old days" when they would have been tossed into the arena with the lions for the amusement of the plebes.
That was a beautiful segue.
Speaking as an M.O.T., Christians have a lot of nerve whining about people picking up pagan traditions.
An excerpt from "Tales Designed to Thrizzle", by Michael Kupperman.
A yellow cross? Heavens, no, Matt Barber, how awful. I would make you wear ten thousand pink triangles, you sack of shit.
Religion is a mental illness. Put them all in insane asylums.
It's like the annual whinefest every December when the cashier at Target wishes them Happy Holidays instead of singling out their holiday for special recognition. Oh, the horror!
Speaking as another M.O.T., if only these Christians were persecuted, I'd make popcorn and watch.
How has the Sherrif's Dept. not been sued over this? If they were on duty, how is this not using public resources to aid in the establishment of religion (participating in a service)?

These people are just nuts...
It's a religion that really likes its martyrs, is all I'm saying.
I have some sympathy for these folks, but I wish they'd keep their supposed persecution in perspective. Remember when a few Christian kids walked out of a journalism conference where Dan was speaking? I read an article in (i think) some evangelical rag or another, in which they interviewed one of the kids, who said he "felt bullied." He was described, if I remember correctly, as the captain of his high school's track team. And he felt bullied. Keep in mind, this was in the wake of massive news coverage IGB and gay teen suicide. It wasn't just some ignorant teenager, either. Lots of Christian conservatives were complaining about being "bullied."

Recently, Rod Dreher was complaining about anti-gay Christias being afraid of ostracism and job loss if they don't tow the line on SSM. He was doing this right around the time the Williams Institute put out a study saying nearly half of openly gay people had been harassed at work ,and some small but significant percentage had been fired or denied a promotion because of their sexuality. Hell, even frickin' college professor don't feel comfortable being out (from what I remember, one recent survey had something like 11% being out, and 90% percent of those being uncomfortable).
@7: Fuck off, you Philistine.
Can we have the pastors arrested for wasting police time? :D
@2: If I remember Lively's crackpot crackpot theory correctly, he argues that "macho gays" like Ernst Rohm killed pansies, so Nazis killing gays can be explained away as "friendly fire" or gay infighting.
It's an envy of martyrdom and one's social standing in the afterlife. Modern Christians will never get to be one of the 'cool kids' in heaven because they had an ordinary non-persecuted life.
I don't know anything about the politics of Akron, so this might not work, but . . .

Back in the bad ol' days (late 70s), the cops raided a gay bar here - we're talking *lots* of cops - and it was all pretty much harrassment like ID checks. Community leaders went to a sympathetic city council member, and she got the crime reports for that neighborhood at the time the raid took place. (Coincidentally, the bar was in her council district.) She then called the police chief on the carpet, publicly, while reciting the statistics about how many robberies, burglaries, car thefts, traffic accidents etc had occurred while X number of cops were at the bar.

Never happened again.
Did anybody watch the video I linked @1? It's testimony of a gay Mormon at an LGBTQ discrimination hearing in Utah. He's one of the ones who was fired for being gay. Go watch.
Oh, Dan, does the religious right have a movie for you!

Persecuted: The Movie. Here's the trailer (which just premiered at CPAC):


It stars Dean Stockwell, Bruce Davison, and James Remar.

Yep, that's right, the Candy-Colored-Clown-They-Call-The-Sandman, the guy who starred in one of the most important movies about the AIDS crisis, and Dexter's dad are now all shills for rightwing religion's persecution complex.

Seriously, other than starring in a Depends commercial, could an actor's career sink any lower?
This phenomenon among these religious extremists is how they make themselves feel important. "I'm being persecuted just like Jesus' first followers," with the implied "therefore I'm as important at Saints Peter and Paul." It's the same thing as those who believe we're "living in the End Times." It's a way to make an ordinary unremarkable life seem so much more important.
"important as" Dammit.
Hot News For "Christians" -- Permitting me and my brothers and sisters to be who we are does not involve your adopting a post-modern, pagan view of sexuality; the only way it affects you is that you don't get to dictate how we live. You don't have to live the way we do. You don't even have to approve of how we live. You just have to let us alone. You could go one step further and STFU, which might even make other, less judgmental Christians happy. (And you could try dipping into the dictionary for the definitions of "persecution" and "martyr/martyrdom".)

P.S. - I hear the rattlesnakes are particularly active this time of year. How about a little picnic east of the mountains? You can catch a few for the witnessing season . . .
@18, I watched it. Very moving and a great reminder of what we're fighting to end.
This reminds me a bit of a recent article about why the 1% are suddenly freaking out and comparing themselves to Holocaust victims.…
Basically they (and Christians) had their asses kissed as the epitome of "what makes America great" for so long that anything other than unquestioning adulation makes them feel really insecure. Even the mildest form of widespread criticism freaks them out.
So I'm thinking ... build a big mega-church looking kind of arena and invite some big thumper convention to come and convention for Jesus as guests. No rent, free country time lemonade and cookies baked by certified gay hating bakers. Hell, have Paula Deen cater the whole thing. Cue the choir, evoke the Holy Ghost and lock the doors. Then release the beasties. Lions and tigers and bears Oh MY!
They seem so bent on being the objects of revenge that I almost hate to disappoint them.
Oh, I totally called the "yellow badges" thing. Of course, considering that's always the Christian go-to slippery slope argument any time they're publicly rebuked for being intolerant douches, it's not a hard target to hit.

@19: Thanks for that bobbyjoe, but this (as well as another film) were already mentioned on Slog a ways back. Apparently, there's two Christian-funded delusional films by that same name coming out soon, though I don't see a link to the trailer for the other (I'm sure it's so good that they don't want to spoil it by advertising for it!)
They're not going to be happy until we bring back mandatory crucifixions.
If they're going to use warped and idiotic analogies, they should at least know that the Nuremberg Laws were enacted in 1935, NOT 1939.
Sucks though when you can't oppress people on a whim anymore, I can kind of see why they're so mad.
I actually followed that link about the guys building Noah's Ark. Funny that the Bible doesn't say anything about it costing over $70 million. Also funny is that it doesn't say anything about how the hell anyone built it just using their immediate family as labour. Or without nails. But apparently, faith held the stupid thing together, because the largest wooden ship ever built by professional shipwrights was a complete failure, structurally speaking.
@32: Genesis doesn't say anything about the presence or absence of nails. All it really does is lay out some rough dimensions and specify that it must be built from gofer wood.
Nobody knows what gofer wood is.
There's a bigger story behind the "religious exemption" bullshit. Gays are just the slow-hangin fruit in a even more nefarious objective to roll-back an entire 60 years of civil rights law.

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