Remember: vape is a crime of violence, not sex.

Only you can prevent "date vape."
They know they can reach well outside the cigarette-smoking demo. E-cigarettes are the wine coolers of tobacco.

And yeah, getting misted sounds way better than getting vaped.
everything about using a e-cigarettes screams out Pretentious Douchebag. As such, the verb 'to vape' fits perfectly and should not be allowed to change.
"Vaping" may be a terrible word, but it is a necessary evil, so such that not only can I complain about "date vape" and worse yet, "second-hand vape", but more importantly so I can classify the whole set of mist-spewing unapologetic drug pushers in the worst sense of the word as "vapists".
All the obnoxious douchenozzles I've met who showed off their glowing blue LEDs < My friends and family not dying of lung cancer.
too late.

Agreed, but just for added emphasis, can we alter the pronunciation to "vaep" (as in "happy") instead of "veip" (as in "say")?
No Slog poll? Whatever is this world coming to?

Also yeah, too late. E-cigs being whatever they are, their existence trails behind the larger, boxy, table-based MJ vaporizers which have been around for several years... and with which one 'vapes'.
"Vape" reminds me of something porn stars do when they spread real wide.
"huffing" perhaps? amounts to the same thing; inhaling vaporized solvents, nicotine, and unregulated gawdknowswhat flavorants. beware the vaporized devil you don't know.
Just like top hats and kilts, we can add e-cigarettes to the list of things that look totally stupid when you do them.
I'm also with @3 on letting them call it vaping just to reinforce how stupid it is.
Why do people refer to smoking as a habit? While there may be habit-like elements to it, it is fundamentally an addition.
How about the term "cig juice". I hate that term, I think of big glasses of chewing tobacco spit. Bleah
Time for legislation that categorizes e-cigs as exactly the same thing as regular cigarettes.
Amen to "vape". What an awful word.
And @2 "the wine coolers of tobacco" {smile} and they probably will entice the jello shot generation.
Vape/vaping is just a marketing term at this point anyway; few-to-none of the e-cigs available for sale everywhere are actually capable of the temperature control necessary to achieve vaporization while still avoiding combustion. True, they do have advantages over a traditional cigarette such as an electronic ignition source and controllable amounts of nicotine per dose, but you're still inhaling (and exhaling!) carcinogenic smoke.
I'm okay with vaping. It's analogous to smoking and we need a word for "smoking but with e-cigarettes." Puff is already associated with conventional smoking; mist, fog, and cloud are associated with weather; and steam is associated with saunas, teapots, compost and other piles. Vape just sounds odd because it's new. Smoke is also an weird-sounding activity for a human.
If we simply banish them all to Antarctica as a modern day penal colony, they'll be free to develop their own unique language.
fwiw, all 3 "vapers" I know are ex-smokers who haven't gone back.
It's called "being just as disgusting as a smoker," granted that's more than one word.
"But the biggest question about e-cigarettes has yet to be answered: Are they anywhere near as bad for your health as cigarettes? We just don't know..."

GFDI, Paul, we do fucking know, as you said in the quoted section. They are not anywhere near as bad as cigarettes. They are also worse than not smoking at all, so there we should be attempting to regulate e-cigs in ways that make them unappealing to non-smokers and children, especially before the e-cig industry gets more entrenched...
Am I wrong to be shocked how many people seem to forget that NICOTINE is a poison, and causes lung cancer?
Pesticides and poisons aren't "added" to tobacco, but Nicotine is extracted from tobacco and one of it's early uses was pesticides! Fortunately, in 2011, it was made illegal to use nicotine as a pesticide. I quit a 35 year cigarette habit by chewing nicotine gum(not the old square icky stuff, but the modern kind- 4 ml. of nicotine
blast with candy coated flavor for the nicotine fix, and smoked weed for the smoking fix. Eventually (2 years!) I easily quit the gum, now if I could just quit this damn weed I could be much happier!
How about "problematize," as used in the post directly above this one?
@22: they make e-cigs for weed. They don't hurt your lungs or make you smell funky. You don't have to carry a lighter or a separate canister or pack anything. E-cigs / vape pens, whatever you want to call 'em: they rule.
Pro tip: Just cover the glowing part with your hand, Coolio.
"Am I wrong to be shocked how many people seem to forget that NICOTINE is a poison, and causes lung cancer?"

Cite your source. There is NO, ie, ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH NADA evidence whatsoever that Nicotine causes lung cancer.

Ditto, small metal particles. You people are the douchebags.. as disgusting as smoking the lot of you.

Ignorant, misinformed but righteously indignant over someone else's habit, hobby, addiction whatever.

Go back to gay hate or whatever you were on last week.
I am grateful that my experiment with e-cigs over the course of a year or so got me completely off a stupid return to a smoking habit. Having lost my last e-cig for the umpteenth time a few months ago, I have not replaced it and don't need it either. As for my son, who became alarmingly fond of smoking cigs around age 17-18, I happily pay for his e-cig habit. He is off the smokes entirely, and his e-cig use is tapering off. No doubt people have a variety of experiences with e-cigs, just as they do with cigarettes, but count me among those who regard e-cigs as a godsend. Amazing, the pious, broad-brush condemnation by many on here, as though everybody using e-cigs is doing it as a fashion statement, or because they are misguided dupes and idiots, rather than people really wanting to get off tobacco.
@22: Yes, you're wrong. Smoke is what causes cancer, not nicotine.
furthering @16:

"Combusting is not vaping. However, almost all e-cigs that claim to be portable dry herb vaporizers simply combust herbs. This includes popular devices, such as the Atmos Raw Rx, Ago G5 pen, and devices by Yocan just to name a few."…

E-cigs are universally the shitty kind of vaporizer that actually combusts the material. E-cigs produce smoke, in other words, just like cigarettes.
@28: Only if they're the kind that use 'herbs'. The e-cigarette generally uses a liquid.

That blog you linked to is only a week old.
You're all uninformed, pretentious idiots. That is all.
Per the CDC: (…)

Overall percentage of smokers who say they want to quit completely: 68.8%
Overall percentage of smokers who attempt to quit in a given year: 52.4%
Overall percentage who will succeed: 6.2%

I am not an entitled douchebag, @3. I do not belong on a penal colony in Antarctica, @18. I am a long term habitual smoker who has been trying repeatedly to quit for a decade. So far my puffstick (or ecigarette, or vapor pen, or whatever you want to call it) is doing more to help me do that successfully than any other therapy on the market (nearly all of which I have tried).

If they're making a difference in that 6.2% success rate, I would think that people like you, who have been screaming about how disgusting my addiction (it is NOT a habit) is for decades, would jump for joy at having fewer "disgusting smokers" (thanks, @20) around.

And yes, vaping is a stupid word.

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