So here's an issue I'd never considered: Should Seattle prohibit landlords from charging an extra monthly fee to tenants who have a pet? Slog tipper Annie apparently thinks this is important because she sent us a petition taking aim at Seattle mayor Ed Murray and asking him to ban this practice.

"Thirty percent of Seattle's residents own a pet and pay numerous fees for the chance to keep them, including pet licensing and taxes to maintain off-leash parks," says the petition with 2,000 signatures. "With thousands of animals still waiting to be adopted at your local shelters, landlords should not be allowed to exploit the opportunity to extract more money from people who are willing to adopt. Requiring a deposit and sometimes an upfront fee is understandable, but demanding a monthly 'pet rent,' is just plain offensive."

Petition commenter Shana Kelly totally agrees. "Pet rent, ridiculous!" she says. "What is next, kid rent?"

(That's actually not a bad idea.)

Anyhow, this problem requires a SLOG POLL (as all truly important matters require a Slog poll). Here goes!