Love it. Republicans are stranger than fiction.
Abortions for some! Miniature American flags for others!
Romney, LOL.
My red-state mother-in-law seriously believes Obama just signed some legally-binding U.N. resolution making gun ownership illegal IN EVERY COUNTRY.

What the fawking fawk with the made-up news that the red-staters pass around via email chains? Seriously, who writes that crap, why do they do it, and why is there no progressive equivalent? Not that I want there to be one, but just that, all things being equal, where are the progressive kooks why are their kook opinions tamped down?
Her name is @anus? Really?
What race is this for? Neither Dan or the article he links to says.
@6: this is a congressional race. It mentions the winner will face congresswoman jan Schakowsky. Not to unduly aid the GOP here, but Schakowsky's district is the Illinois equivalent of Jim McDermott's district. No republican candidate has any hope of ever winning it. I'm not so sure this says "Republicans are crazy" as much as "weak political parties can't prevent wackos from winning primaries". For the Democratic counter weight, see the 2012 Dem primary winner for US Senator from Tennessee.
Well, duh. People only voted for Obama because they wanted him to destroy America. Of course Romney would have been a better President, but we don't WANT a better President, we want to destroy everything that's good and decent. It's working like a charm, too, since everything ceased to exist on January 21, 2009.

I thought everyone knew that.
@5: Her name is S. Atanus.
Oh, and she has roughly a snowball's chance in hell of winning. Schakowsky is a perennial lock for the office and a very good representative.
I live in one of those completely noncompetitive districts. When the race isn't unopposed, we only get Republican kooks. I usually check out their campaign websites just for the entertainment.
They couldn't find an antigay/antichoice straight nutjob dude with anger issues? They had to settle?

So what caused autism before gay marriage existed?
Oral sex
Premarital sex
Banning prayer in schools

Fundie nutjobs have an endless list of sins to punish us for.
@13 I did.
"The state’s Republican Party severed ties with Susanne Atanus in January after she made the controversial remarks in a newspaper interview, but Atanus ignored party leaders’ call for her withdrawal and will face incumbent Democratic Rep. Jan Schakowsky in the November election."

You've got to be pretty fucking extreme for the GOP to disavow you. Let's see if that remains true now that she has the nomination. The GOP publicly disavowed Akin only to secretly rally behind him later. Though since this is a district they weren't going to win anyway, it would make more sense for the party establishment to continue to keep their distance.

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