So was there always that caramel-looking stuff on the plate or is that seepage from the thing over the course of a decade?
Have you maybe considered calling the hazmat unit of your local fire department? Ten years in the fridge? That's Tyvek jumpsuit and respirator territory.
Why.... why isn't it moldy?!?!?!

I'm never eating a Junior Mint again. EVEN IF it's infused in vodka.

Put it back in the new fridge and never speak of it again.
That fridge needs to be completely emptied and bleached, if not thrown away. There shouldn't be anything in there that's over a year old except maybe a jam jar or condiment bottle -- and even those have expiration dates. If I worked there I'd have everything in there in the trash before you idiots even knew what was happening.

I swear, a phone call to L&I or OSHA would probably get The Stranger shut down.
I wish there was a photo on this article page! Look, he won, in 2003!…
Wait is it made of junior mints or thin mints? I'm confused now b/c of the girl scouts reference. SO MANY QUESTIONS!!
you people disgust me.
Oh duh. Danielle found the photo... Here he is, in his youth:…

Call Cienna, she'll eat it.

Was it that hard to figure out, people?
What the fuck is wrong with you people?

For the love of god, at least do not just transfer the rotten garbage from the old fridge to the new one.

Use those lowly paid (maybe) interns you have for what they are there for.
I am reminded of Dirk Gently in "The Long, Dark Teatime of the Soul"--watch it carefully for signs of any emerging gods.
@9 huh. It was even more horrifying in the prime of its existence. Fascinating.

And, my god, you people live like savages. And not fastidious, gay Savages. Actual, jungle-dwelling savages.
I was just about to type "What the fuck is wrong with you people?" when my eyes strayed up to @11.
An ex of mine once made a bust of me entirely from Rice Krispy treats (I very much love Rice Krispy treats). It is one of the best things anyone has ever done (not just for me, but EVER.) We consumed most of it before the ants came, and OMG YOU DON'T SAVE STUFF LIKE THIS.
I'm in the process of moving house and have, in the clearing out stage, found some things I'm not proud of. But eww, nothing like Mr Sammy Davis Jr Mint. It's like those jars of honey that survived intact from the ancient Egyptian pharoahs' tombs. Or my ex mother in law's jam, which even mold wouldn't touch.
Some people just want to watch the world burn (like me). :)
Who can take a rainbow,
wrap it in a sigh
Soak it in the sun
and make a groovy lemon pie?
I'm with @11 WTF is *wrong* with you? Seriously. I work with f-ing engineers and CAD kids - they're disgusting and you folks take the fucking cake (and put it in the fridge for a decade and dare each other to eat it with a cup of moldy coffee).

Call Seinfeld's Elaine. If she can eat JFK's wedding cake, she can eat that! God, I actually got a tummy ache just looking at that horror.
I think this just confirms to me that the "chocolate" coating on Thin Mints (and the peanut butter cookies) is actually just food-grade paraffin.
I think Anna needs to value her labor more highly. I mean, my ex once nailed his scrotum to a bar in New Orleans for $400, and I'm pretty sure eating this would be worse.
The Stranger: the only paper I know with a Pulitzer on their shelf and a decaying decade-old Sammy Davis Jr sculpture in their fridge.

Please never change.
Wow! Over 24 comments and no one has asked what the chunk on his forehead is supposed to be. I know he had a prosthetic eye but not a big extra eyebrow! Which reminds me of that great scene from All In The Family, where Archie Bunker meetis him. Sorry, I don't know how to link stuff. Anyway, this is a great find and an hysterical thread!
@25: the chunk wasn't there in the original photo (@9). I'm guessing it's just a slab of hair that fell off when the whole thing dried out.

However, the rabid drool in the original is quite exquisite, and appears only to have improved with age.
bet the artists fingers still smell like mint.

I would build it a Junior Mint sanitation truck with a faulty ignition.
I thought that was Old Gregg from the Mighty Boosh.
[Back story via Wall of Sound email list, ; this should answer all the above questions...]

The Story of Sammy Davis Junior Mint

Arthur walked into the record shop one day with a stock pot which he proceeded to deposit directly on the counter saying ‘Here, take it’ as he turned to leave. Curious, I thought, it’s unlike Arthur to walk in with cookware to leave on my counter and then move to leave so quickly. I figured he was double parked.

‘What is it?’ I asked as I lifted the lid and recognized immediately the head of Sammy Davis Junior staring back at me. I had recently seen his head, the very same head I was now looking at, on the cover of our local weekly rag The Stranger. This head of Sammy Davis Junior was a small bust, maybe 4 inches tall, sculpted from chocolate. Specifically, the chocolate that is contained in a box of Junior Mints. This was the head of Sammy Davis Junior Mint and here it was on my counter.

‘Arthur, why do you have this and why is it on my counter?’ I asked. He explained that he had photographed it for the cover of that issue and he’d been unable to get it back to the sculptor. Arthur didn’t want it, it wasn’t getting picked up and for some reason he felt we should now be the custodians of this fine chocolate head. We kept the head of Sammy Davis Junior Mint in our refrigerator at the record shop for the next 10 years.

Two or three years later a guy walks into the shop and said ‘I hear you have the head of Sammy Davis Junior.’ Now, mention had been made of the fact that we kept his head in our refrigerator in our weekly record shop emails to our adoring fans. But, it had been a while since we’d made these remarks. We thought no one was paying any attention. I raised my eyebrows at this fellow and said ‘How do you know that?’ ‘Well’, he said, ‘I made him.’ Word had somehow reached him that the head was in our possession. I asked him if he wanted the head back. ‘Nope, but I’d like to see him’. I showed him the head and he was pleased to see it again.

At some point during our stewardship of the head of Sammy Davis Junior Mint the power went out overnight in our building. Our highly sophisticated, museum quality refrigeration system (which kept our beer, lunches and, of course, the head cool) had no back-up generator in case the power went out. The head of Sammy Davis Junior Mint suffered some leakage. His once beautiful luster had lessened over the years and a piece or two of his once shiny chocolate hairdo slid down his head a bit. But, still, he looked pretty good for a 10 year old chocolate sculpture. This power outage induced leakage only added to his patina.

Many people viewed the head of Sammy Davis Junior Mint over the years and everyone who saw him came away with a large smile on their face. For this, we have Arthur to thank.

Post script:

When we moved the shop to our new location at 12th and Pike a few years ago we decided to bequeath Sammy Davis Junior Mint to the staff at The Stranger. We asked that they photograph him in his current state and post about his illustrious history on their web site. They did, yet they made it seem as if they were the keepers of the head of Sammy Davis Junior Mint for the last decade. Now, dear reader, you know the truth behind the legend of Sammy Davis Junior Mint.

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