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I like bones D, F, K and L. I didn't realize the nomenclature of the skeletal system was so basic. Thanks!
Are we going to have a happy hour at Raygun soon?
Trying to make a joke about dinosaurs, Dakota, gays and evangelicals.

I've got nothing.
How can this be? The earth is only 6,000 yrs. old! These bones must have been planted by the Democrats. The republicans can't and won't admit that the earth has been around for a lot more years than they think. How old are the Redwoods in California I would ask my neighbor, he would dodge the question and go on a rant about the Bible and some other bizarre conspiracy theory about creation and evolution and then he would wander back to his kitchen and pour himself another drink. Is this the problem with republicans? Are they all alcoholics? Are they delusional like john boner and mcconell? Makes me wonder......

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