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No air conditioning?
Um... If you read the article you linked, you'll see that in each case they say why they think the bar is "hot."

This is really about a bar that was left off wasn't it...

What's really got you're nose bent out of shape?
If only there was some way of determining what they mean by "hot". Hmm. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Not enough bars on the list that buy ads in The Stranger, I reckon.
In other news, zagat releases a list of bars for me to avoid.
HAHA fuck all these bars. FOR REALZ.
Bars that Zagat most wants to have sex with. Obviously.
I was going to make a joke about not having heard of any of them, but seriously I've never heard of any of them. Except the "nacho" one perhaps. If I start drinking more I'll try them out.
Those are okay places. Maybe Von Trapp's, Quinn's and Radiator Whiskey could be on the list. Knee-high Gin has great drinks, but it's the size of a stamp.
@6 +1
I like Bravehorse Tavern, but there's no way it's one of the "hottest" bars in town, unless "hottest" means packed to the gills with annoying people on a Tuesday night.
"The kitschy space just screams: Have another!" <- Pictured this in Stefan's voice.
@12, there's nothing wrong with the people in Bravehorse. The annoying people in Seattle are the cheap flakes with no social skills, which is easily half of Seattle. I'm sick of people RSVP'ing in the morning, and not showing up four or five hours later. That's not appropriate in other towns. Also, learn to fucking jaywalk.
During my one visit to Brave Horse Tavern we literally had to SCREAM at each other across the table to be heard; on the other hand I loved the food.

I'm well acquainted with the Seattle Flake, not hard to spot in the wild but basically impossible to observe in captivity since it won't fucking respond to your emails.

That said, the Bravehorse is way too busy on nights that are slow anywhere else (and noisy), so I stand by my statement.

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