You can't argue with a lede like this one:

The co-founder of the Occupy Wall Street movement has called for the US government to be run by the country's technology industry.

Justine Tunney, now a software engineer at Google, has posted a petition on the official White House website proposing that Barack Obama resigns and appoints Eric Schmidt as the "CEO of America".

Oh, no wait. Of course you can argue with a lede like that one. A lede like that is designed to incite argument. Tunney was in fact involved with the Occupy movement, but there's a lot of debate over that "co-founder" claim. On Twitter, Tunney describes herself as the "Duchess of Occupy." Her petition has 12 signatures, even with promises like this:

1. Retire all government employees with full pensions.

2. Transfer administrative authority to the tech industry.

3. Appoint Eric Schmidt CEO of America.

It's time for the U.S. Regime to politely take its exit from history and do what's best for America. The tech industry can offer us good governance and prevent further American decline.

On Twitter, Tunney is trying as hard as she can to start a fight:

it amuses me when people think they're more enlightened than the people who run multinational corporations.

Only ten petition signatures guys? Despite media coverage? Really? I guess no one wants wants best for America.

Earlier this year, Tunney seized control of the @OccupyWallSt Twitter handle, which inspired so much drama among Occupiers on social media. Seems like she really wants attention. Despite the provocative claims, maybe we shouldn't argue with Justine Tunney, after all? Maybe let's just let her be.