It existed before but legitimizing slavery-like work conditions by having Qatar host a super large promotion event like the soccer world cup is dead wrong. FIFA better put pressure or find another host if they don't want to be branded as accomplice to this scandal. There are 8 years left for us to give them a bad name, which they deserve fully considering their lame reactions.
This story is going to get bigger and bigger for the next eight years. If they don't take the finals away from Qatar, the black eye will be delivered to the entire Arab world; if they DO take the finals away, same difference. But they have to take them away. Ideally the process would bring down FIFA and Septic Bladder himself, but he's probably going to be dead by then anyways (he's 78 and eats five pounds of foie gras every day) but Platini is no cleaner. They are ALL accomplices.

The Russian cup in 2018, just four years from now, doesn't really look any better considering the circumstances.

I don't know what to do. Not watch? Is it just the bad consequences of living in a bad world? Look at the fucking Olympics. You'd think the fascists won.
What benefit do these events have at this point? They fuck over the local environment. They are not a net positive to local economies. And then you have human rights violations in the host countries. It's not just Russia and Qatar, even Brazil has been pulling some ugly shit lately to clean up the area before the Olympics. Boycott them all.
They are super fun and the whole world is into it. The world cup is the best!
It would all be fine if they awarded the hosting rights to countries that, you know, already have the stadiums and facilities and stuff.
As a human-rights issue it pales in comparison, but I don't think Slog mentioned yet that the National Labor Relations Board has ruled that "Northwestern University football players on scholarship are employees of the school and therefore entitled to hold an election to decide whether to unionize." Bill Savage must be busy this week.…

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