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Why does post-apocalyptic Seattle look cleaner than modern-day, real Seattle?
What does the sign say, exactly? Can't make it out. Pretty rad, though.
Yeah, there are Stranger ads all over the game on bus stop shelters, etc. I assume they must have asked for permission, even if they don't have to be as explicit as with the use of the Space Needle (every time the game starts, along with the usual copyright notices you get "The Space Needle is a registered trademark of Space Needle LLC and is used under license" which seems a bit ridiculous. Apparently under the terms of the license the game also prevents jumping off the Space Needle, even though as a superhero with a comet attack superpower, you really ought to be able to)
Hey, that sign looks like the one on the side of Rebar.
I was actually really disappointed by the representation of Seattle. I really expected to be able to navigate based on knowing how the Seattle neighborhoods are laid out IRL, but the in-game Seattle is very different. You enter the city on the 520 bridge and show up in a district called Queen Anne, in the northwest corner of the city. Belltown's in the northeast, the south side of Seattle is an island, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't expect it to be completely accurate, but I wanted the layout to be similar.
Also, the "520 bridge" (as they call it over and over) is actually I-90. There's a westbound exit for Kirkland/Pacific Science Center. The geography is completely whacked.
@5: I totally agree, I was quite disappointed in the map. Good thing the game is still super awesome for the most part.
It's about as accurate a representation as "Sleepless in Seattle" tried to achieve... ;D

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