Hey, transit riders! Wanna feel some horrible, spine-tingling, oh-shit-the-conservatives-are-finally-coming-for-our-bus-system terror? Well, have I got the graphic for you! As y'all hopefully know, a big vote is coming up in April to save King County Metro's bus service from what are sure to be devastating cuts, due to Olympia's complete lack of giving a shit about public transit. Goldy wrote about the bus cuts right here a couple weeks ago, and we'll have more on the vote to preserve Metro service later in the week.

But for now, Oran Viriyincy over at Seattle Transit Blog has an updated map of Metro's most frequent-running transit routes, the ones that come at least every 15 minutes during regular daytime hours. With the slider all the way to the right, you can see the current "Frequent Transit Network," the kinds of buses you can rely on to get where you're going throughout the day because they come often enough that you don't have to time your life perfectly around their schedules.

Slide the line to the left, and you reveal what that Frequent Transit Network looks like after the potential bus cuts. Watch your favorite bus lines disappear before your very eyes! (Not all the disappearing lines are going completely away, though some definitely are; they'll just operate with reduced service.) It's truly horrifying. Seriously, go check it out.