Let's call CapHill what it is, Bellevue West
Goodness, Dan's recharged after his vacation. That's what? His fifth post today?

Dan, we're glad you're back! Well... except for the troll, but because it will cut wayyy down on his available time for masterbating furiously and crying.
Never going to happen. That is the most unique building in Seattle, if not America. It's one of a kind. When the National Register of Historic Places hears about this, head will roll.
Ten miiiiilion dollars. That's a $7 million return after 12 years, plus all the money they generated operating the business. Good for them. I start doing something with my life.
I *should* start doing something with my life.
Walking around capitol hill lately is fucking crazy. brand new shiny buildings and giant holes in the ground everywhere. I dont even want to know what kind of monstrosity is going in next to Lindas.... the hole is so deep it looks like they're digging to china.

Its the zoning stupid.

before the bandwagon evil developer retoric gets any worse, look at how the current and past city council has failed the city again.
this is good news. we need more micro-housing. all the people are coming here....
Who wants to move to Olympia?

Capitol Heights is becoming more and more of a gay-bashing, overpriced asshole of a neighborhood each and every day
@7 I can't fault the developers this time. It's sad, but it seems like the owners of Piecora's were done, and decided to get out when they could make some bank. Good for them, I guess.

They had the best location since it was between Pony/MadPub/Diesel and where I live.
"Let's call CapHill what it is, Bellevue West"

Cap Hill is too white for that title.
At least they were in charge of their own destiny, and didn't get evicted by developers.
@ 12 - Yup, that's true. Although I will def. miss them, and will no doubt abhor whatever shiny monstrosity goes up in that space...

@ 9 - Sadly, I completely agree. But - I'm really surprised to hear this coming from you, Kelly. It is heart-wrenching to helplessly watch as your beloved neighborhood gets eaten alive by one upscale development after another, as these millionaires come in and change all your places to just memories... People bray "change happens, get used to it" and of course they're right, but the pace of change on the Hill is unprecedented, at least in the nearly 30 years I've been in Seattle... So yeah, there is actually something to talk about.. in the demo dust... as the next wonderful place gives way to the next overpriced condo... ad infinitum...

Costa Rica, anyone? :-/
If it wasn't for the music clubs on the Hill, it would be a younger demographic version of the eastside--make that Kirkland, which would just about equal Capitol Hill's whiteness.
Did you share this news with Dominic? He loves apartments. If you'd consulted with him first, you would have learned how much you hate the poor, and how you don't understand what it means to live in a city, and how phrases like "unique slice" and "neighborhood character" are really racist dog whistles.
This is fun to watch.

After getting My Seattle messed up by you new comers, now they are messing up Your Seattle and suddly the whining and moaning comes from the other side.

What @16 said.

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