It's just a cracker right?
A gay-friendly cracker, but yes.
this makes my heart happy
Honey Maid should marry Honey Badger and produce delicious, nasty-ass graham cracker badger babies who don't give a fuck what bigots think.
Love. It.
That is an awesome response by Honey Maid. Probably even better than Ford's response to that arrogant Cadillac commercial.

Well done!
Honey Maid has crafted one of the finest responses to hateful backlashes that any organization has received.
Beautiful. Thank you for sharing that.
This is a golden age, where there's immense buying power in the hands of pro-gay people and still enough haters that you can still make an impression as a company by displaying what are increasingly entry-level vaguely progressive values.
I'm totally gonna make something with their graham crackers this weekend. Haven't bought them in years. I'd encourage you to do the same.

@4 - You are awesome.
@9 And yet no one else is doing this to the same degree of dedication. Watch some more of them. And cheer up.
I don't think I will ever understand the motivation that drives someone to write and complain about something they don't like in an advertisement. Surely a 30-second commercial is easy to ignore. How does the display of ordinary people doing their everyday thing cause folks to burn with such righteous indignation?

I see ads that offend me all the time. There's the Facebook ad for a printer that shows, as a sample business card, one for Patrick Bateman of Pierce & Pierce. That's disturbing. There are tons of ads that objectify women. Hell, the ad on this very web page is one for Indoor Gardening Expo that mostly features the bottom half of a young woman wearing short shorts and galoshes. I have never, however, been motivated to write and complain.
The Honey Maid brand was introduced by the Pacific Coast Biscuit Company of Seattle in 1925.

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