Deport These Motherfuckers Already.

You have to feel sorry for Mexico.

What a poorly run country.

Unlike the US they were not able to build the great projects in their desert that would have allowed them to support great cities like Los Angeles and Phoenix.

They didn't develop their economy to host the millions of children the parents produced.

I can see why these immigrants would want to leave such a terrible place. They are saying that Mexico is rotten, and that the government there is incapable of intelligent action.

I wonder what Putin would do. Imagine us invading and setting them straight.
I'm curious what your actual stance is here. I'm all for open borders as it would likely collapse the corporate state [and of course its the only moral choice].
Bring us your tired masses yearning to be free or whatever.
I can easily imagine that scenario playing out in Sweden since it's such a well educated, tolerant, and wealthy egalitarian society. Unfortunately, there are way too many Fox News adherents in the US for a similar response to happen here.
I <3 Swedish, and not just the IKEA meatballs (whinny!). Restores my faith in [some] humanity.
Thanks for this - this is the kind of story that makes me feel okay to be a human.
"A similar"

They'll get persecuted once back in Mexico? I think the worst that will happen that the hombre from the El Norde will be asked to pay for the Dos Equus.
@10: "Dos Equus" will likely get you this or this.

Reminds me of the goof who had watched his friend order "dos cervezas" a million times in Ensenada, so that's what he asked for when flying solo—and was mystified when two bottles appeared.
Kudos to the Swedes who engaged in such a creative act of protest.
32 days in the concentration camp
" Capuchino" Malaga Spain

I presented this to the stranger back in 2008.
They did not respond.
No human being is illegal.

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