Welcome to Planet Seattle: It's Earth Day! The day we celebrate the planet we live on. The day we realize that the earth is all there fucking is. The coolest picture you will see of Seattle today (and probably the whole year) is related to the whole Earth Day thing: Our planet from the top of the Space Needle:

Stand Up and Be Counted: Have you taken part in the Office of Arts & Culture's cultural space inventory yet? Please do! It'll only take a minute, and you'll be helping the city understand how creative Seattle is.

I Can’t Believe This Didn’t Work: The New York Police Department invited people to take photos of themselves with NYPD officers, and it backfired gloriously when everyone sent in pictures of their arrests or general violence.

Hitler's Copyright Is Expiring: Mein Kampf is entering the public domain next year, and there's an argument about how to handle the situation.

Remember the Milk: You can now pre-order Harvey Milk stamps at USPS.com.

Full Tilt: Amazon's 3D smartphone is rumored to involve lots of tilting gestures.

SIFF Trailer Released: See the just-released trailer for the 2014 Seattle International Film Festival below!