He looks kind of lonely but report away, I'm sure it'll be at least 5 people by evening's end.
Oh wait, you photographed one man from two different angles. OK, I see the revolution now. Will it be televised?
"mass death is certain"

They sound almost excited!
I still think "they" is a terrible singular pronoun. But maybe that's just my pronoun privilege
Nothing draws a crowd like "Free vegan dinner."
Or these shitbag hippies could have spent Earthday doing something useful like wildland restoration or backyard permaculture.
#6 for the win.

Remember when being for a cause meant you did something to make things better instead of just taking up space? Modern activism is just embarrassing.
'Occupy'ing was a tactic, and very successful. Tactics in activism however, IMHO, can only successfully be deployed once. that said, I wish them luck in their outreach. I'll drop by to say the former in person.

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