Sorry, poor people. Issaquah doesn't think you should have jobs.
Unfortunately, my guess is that most who are voting on this will never step foot on a bus, hence a 'no' vote.
2 -- you're wrong, but keep guessing!
This is what happens when there is zero actual leadership on an issue. Saving something for the umpteenth time is not a great rallying cry. Nor is pitting the interests of poor people against each other with bullshit regressive taxes. Hell the only ones who managed to get road signs out were the no side.

I have no fucking idea where that leadership will come from, but until we stop accepting that this is the way it has to be nothing will change.
King County votes to increase traffic. Wonderful.
Everyone's favorite red shirted city council person has been beating the drum on this being just another regressive tax, so my guess is its east siders and red shirts voting alike. Which would be funny if it didn't have such disastrous results for the rest of us.
The second proposition in which car tab tab fees are rejected. Learning anything Dow? I happily accept the will of the voters.
Cut the service in the precincts that voted no. There you go.
Ha ha! Enjoy eating that crow ladies.
@7 We'll all figure it out next year when all the roads are choked with traffic 24/7 and our commute times drastically increase.

This was a band-aid on a gaping Olympia-sized wound, but it was the option we had available.

As a car commuter by necessity, the additional car tab fee would have been MORE THAN WORTH the time I will lose sitting in traffic once the cuts go into effect.
This sucks
I ended up voting no because of the regressiveness of the tax as well as the exorbitant time-frame. The $60 car tab and yet another sales tax increase should not last a decade (and as of tonight it won't). Let's find a real fix to our traffic woes.
This is very very sad
And the big take away is... very few people voted. Such a bummer.
@14 I guess they didn't give a sh*t to save the buses.

How long until Metro announces they won't be making cuts except to a few underused lines? A week? Maybe two?
Well at least the Amazon Trolley Line is in no danger. Nor the Cap Hill to Pioneer Square Street Drugs Access Express.

And this will encourage the poor to do more commuting by bicycle, too. So it's not all bad, right?

Fail and die Prop 1

Maybe then some heads will roll
different agencies have different budgets. Just like how you don't get to take your neighbors money to pay your rent. I have to disagree. Its pretty bad. I guess its down to plan C, a Seattle only measure.

the hole is way bigger than that. I wish you were right, but I know you aren't.
Give me a minute fellas, got to go lay a big fat turd in the Seattle Transit Blog's punch bowl at their pity party. Anyone care to join me?

Over 2,000 King County employees make six figures; is that why they want a tax increase?

I thought well that is impossible. You would have maybe a couple of the top administrators, maybe a handful of managers who are making six figures. There's no way there are 450 King County Department of Transportation workers who make over $100,000 a year.…

Maybe a tunnel will help. Oh, wait...


Funding for Seattle Streetcar was approved in 2008. It's operated by King County Metro, but funded by the city. KCM doesn't get to make funding decisions for it. The Amazombies and Cap Hill crack buyers won't be affected by this election result.
Are you seriously surprised by this? That in the whole of the government of this county, 2k people make 6 figures? Did you know that there are some jobs that people do, that if you want good applicants, you have to pay 6 figures?
I dont really want a government that nickle and dimes the DA staff, or the public defender staff, or pays linemen a pittance(insane danger+massive public necessity). And electrical/transportation/civil/network/computer engineers, they come super cheap right?
Sorry. You were being positive. I thought it was snark. You know how it works. Oops!


This is what I call building your own prison.

You pay people higher and higher salaries.

You then tax people more and more.

The people with the higher salaries drive up the costs of everything to the point that anyone who is not them can no longer afford it.

Then they ask for more taxes!


Right, because engineers and software professionals and attorneys and actuaries and epidemiologists and architects and so on never, ever make over $100k, nor do they ever work for the government.
The state legislature screwed King County royally. For all the money in Seattle Metro area, we are still a pack of transit idiots.
@20 You are so fucking jealous of people who have worked harder than you, made better choices, and as a consequence, have better, higher-paying jobs.

In John Bailo's perfect world, we all suffer from career stagnation and stew in our shitty Kent apartments, voting out of spite toward those who have achieved more.

450 people in a municipal government that serves 2 million people is not a lot. And even if you were to bust those 450 people down to minimum wage, it wouldn't come close to making up the Metro funding gap. You are embarrassing yourself.
@20-You mind providing some context, like how many people are employed by King County and how the salary profile compares to a similarly sized private corporation that provides a similar scope of services?
If you think it is the county gov that sets the standard of pay for the IT people they have to hire, uh.... sure....
And what does your third line even mean? Are you saying that a couple hundred people making between 100k-250k are driving up the cost of everything? You cant seriously believe that.
450 six figure workers... at Amazon they call that this month's new batch!

You guys make my arguments for me! I love it.

If there are that many people making that much money in Seattle, then those are the ones who should be paying more to have a bus roll by their Queen Anne condo at 11:30 at night...not a bunch of poor people in Kent paying more sales tax!

Put a property tax on Seattle or add an asset income tax like the NIIT.


Wait a minute...isn't that the argument you and your analogs in San Francisco have been making night and day? Protests in front of Google buses? Why doesn't it apply here?!?!

And so the sheep follow the Seattle Times shepherds....
Dude, one day, maybe one day soon, you might just have to support something that is actually on the rather than the thing that isnt on the ballot at all.

Your "solution" is not a solution, since you havent done nearly enough to bring it into reality. Saying you won't support buses right now because the mechanism isn't perfect is just saying that you won't support buses.
And (excuse me mods) what the hell are you talking with this income tax crap? Id love it, you'd love it, my mom would love it, ITS UNCONSTITUTIONAL IN THIS STATE! Youre like those crazy revolutionaries who are happy everytime the workers get screwed cause they think it brings the revolution closer. This does not bring us closer to your utopia John. It just means that those "poor people in Kent" will sit longer in traffic every day.
Let's try something a little more progressive next time, people. We can come up with a plan that isn't so damned regressive, right?

Forget it, Jake. This is Washington.
Majority to transit riders: We hate your fucking guts.
There's gonna be a lot of angry liberals on the buses tomorrow morning mumbling to themselves, cursing at strangers, peeing down their legs, giving anyone they see wearing a tie the stink eye etc. etc.

You know, just like every other day in Seattle.

Well, Washingtown, actually. It wasn't a state-wide initiative, amirite?
@35 I know, a state income tax initiative.

Come on boys!
Building your own prison. Huh. Funny coming from the guy who apparently wants the poor locked away in their own, apparently poorly served, neighborhoods. The really hilarious thing is that it'll probably be too late before he realizes what side of the fence he's on.
@36, other idiots:

Majority to transit riders: we don't understand how externalities work.

Mr. Vel-DuRay and I, not being car-addled, dim-witted, cheapskates, both voted yes, of course. (for the record, we have three cars, a truck, an RV and two boats. Why, I don't know) but I have often wondered if perhaps it would make more sense to combine Metro, Sound Transit, Community Transit, Pierce Country Transit and maybe even the WA state ferries into one cohesive system.
Now the question is what the "progressives" who run King County Metro will do. Will they cut the buses that run empty for 5 people late at night, or will they make sure to implement cuts that inconvenience the most people they can, on the most crowded commuter routes? Anyone wanna guess?!
@41 ... ha ha ... you're fucked and I'm not. Call Uber! It's the Urban thing!
I don't know why everyone is crying over this.

We all know what's going to happen tomorrow.

The remnants of the Gregoire administration will be up all night hard at work copying up 50,000 votes to dump in the postal bags tomorrow.

The excuse...oh, late voting "professionals" from Seattle having a sudden transit lust.

People are crying over this because its a bad thing. A very bad thing that will actually hurt actual people in their actual lives.
Oh yeah, Sound-wide transit authority. No doubt with Sound Transit's unaccountable taxing authority. Good luck, fuckheads. Incidentally, did you notice that none of the school tax increases passed? Uh-oh.
@46, but you cry so beautifully!
@ 45 That never happened the US Attorney and a team of FBI agents found no wrongdoing. A Republican US Attorney.
@ 47

they did in February, maybe just bad turnout today.
And currently the school levy one for Lake Washington SD is passing.
Fucking Banana Republic.
@51, they need a 60% yes vote, idiot.
School levy is failing. People move to put their kids in those schools but they don't want to pay for them. Fucking idiots.

The world's most enviable public transportation systems were conceived, funded, and built by municipalities. Not by counties, nor regions, and certainly not by "greater metro areas." By city governments.

If anything, our problem is that Seattle's transit system is controlled by a county, and an unusually large county, at that.
Meep! Meep!
God, isn't it fun to watch the progressives whine?
I actually had a friend (two-person household, three cars) ask me yesterday why he should have voted yes since he doesn't take the bus. That's the mentality here.
Here's one thing that might have helped. BRING BACK THE POLLING PLACES. I would have been able to vote. I recently moved, don't have a printer and use the bus. Thus, were I to vote I would go to Capitol Hill CC and simply vote. Voting by mail sucks. I'm 39 now, but when I turned 18 going to an actual place (school, church) to vote was awesome. It was solemn.

Not having a polling place nixed one yes vote as far as me. And I would imagine the grand throngs of supporters that used to gin up excitement for the elections out front would have helped as well. As it is, fingers crossed. In my hood, 26 and 28 are so indispensable for so many.
Well, enjoy the traffic.

BTW, I warned Slog several years ago (most of you current commentators weren't around back then) that the influx of recently implanted voters into the Seattle area would possibly pull the area to the right. You've got the bone headed libertarian mindset of the MicroZon employees coupled with an entrenched Democratic establishment that has lost any ability to inspire the base and what do you end up with? A cluster fuck mess. And it's going to start with slashed bus service in a few months, and just delightful traffic.

The worse part? it's going to get far far worse gang...far far worse.
@60 No. It's being pulled to the left. I guarantee you that a large portion of those voting against this prop did so because of the regressive nature of the tax.

We're sick and tired of regressive taxation being the band-aid for everything while big business gets massive tax cuts less than six months earlier. And, when the same progressive leadership pushes to keep wages low and also pushes for unions to neuter themselves.

True progressives are sick of this shit, and we're not willing to support the bleeding anymore.
Christ, what a bunch of lazy fucks. It's a MAIL IN BALLOT, what is so fucking difficult about this?

By the way, true progressives don't vote for accelerationism. They actually understand the consequences of that. It's easy to claim "oh the left isn't voting for this because it's regressive" when you don't have to actually support a real alternative, you lazy, spineless sack of shit.
I'm looking forward to seeing the heat map of where the "no" votes came from, and hopefully Metro uses it as a guide for where to cut service.
@62 Give me a real, progressive, alternative and I'll support it.

Our progressive members of the legislature went to bat to oust the Eyman initiatives. But, they never went to bat for anything progressive to give us more options.

Oh, and before you ask, I voted for the income tax when it came around. Next time, though, we should get a better initiative that also reduces sales tax and increases income tax.
@59 Sorry, no. There's simply nowhere left to park your horsedrawn buggy on polling day.
Fuck all of you who voted against this.
@66 Sure!

no, go fuck yourself instead. Maybe you should pony up on paying more bus fare asshole.

They probably should have run a real campaign. I voted yes, of course, because I'm not a moron or an asshole. But there appeared to be no GOTV effort. So I can't say I'm surprised by the result.

Huge fail getting our voters out. Huge fail.
@63 Routes that are to be eliminated were already posted months ago.…

65 routes will be eliminated and it breaks down like this.

25 of them are Seattle only buses (Ballard to DT, First Hill to U-Dist, etc)
25 of them are City to Seattle Commuter buses which operate M-F in the morning and afternoon (Kent to DT, Federal Way to DT, etc)
15 of them are non-Seattle bus routes (one in Kent, one in Federal way, etc)

This is one of the reasons why prop1 is failing. When you ask the entire county to pay for buses that mostly benefit Seattle, then it becomes a hard sell to voters who dont live or work in Seattle. Making threats of increased traffic seem hollow since its mostly Seattle that will suffer. Maybe if prop1 revived the dozen Eastside routes that were elimianted 3 years ago, you might have more Kirkland, Bellevue and Redmond citizens voting yes on prop1. If the majority of routes to be eliminated were outside of Seattle, then you can bet most citizens in Seattle would vote no on it.

Other reasons why this failed.

1) Bad timing. Just weeks after IRS tax deadline. If you owed the IRS, then your brain might automatically vote no on this.

2) Everyone was promoting the loss of bus routes, but not the money that would be used for road maintenance. Even still, what sort of maintenance would this include beyond pot holes? There was no specifics on that and when that happens, people imagination will run wild (ie; bike lanes!!). It would have been easier to pass if they simply dropped the road maintenance aspect from prop1 and said "This vote is to retain the current increase that was passed 2 years ago".

3) Metro indeed has problems managing the routes. They could easily combine a few to make them far more efficient. Example, combine routes 44, 43 & 32. Ballard, Wallingford, U-Dist, Montlake, Capitol Hill, Downtown Seattle, then back to Ballard, make it one big loop around the city. We actually used to have a route like this 15 years ago, (route 42?) but Metro decided to break it up into 2-3 different routes. When citizens complain that the SPD has very few officers that live in Seattle, one can easily say the same thing for Metro (how many of them actually take the bus).

4) Tax revenue for Metro is improving, so these cuts in service will slowly be restored over the next few years, just as it did back in 1999 when we saw similar cuts to service. Sound Transit was supposed to cut a bunch of routes as well, but canceled them due to increased tax revenue.
#1, you do know that issaquah routes are on the chopping block, and that the issaquah park and ride is always packed, right? of course you wouldn't just bash the eastside in a knee jerk motion.
#1, you realize that issaquah routes are on the chopping block, and that the issaquah park and ride is always jam packed, right? otherwise you'd just be making the typical knee jerk eastide bashing comment...and of course you're smarter than that.
Most of the folks I talked to - mostly 25 to 25 year olds - either voted against it to save $60, or just didn't vote because they just don't care.

It was maddening.
@61 so the "progressive" solution you are pulling out of your ass it to fuck the poor and elderly in the ass for your misguided principles? Have you measured the amount of shit you are full of?
Seattle (and Washington state) desperately need income tax, but instead things will just continue as is with regressive taxation and gutting of all services the poor (who pay the most in regressive taxes) until there is nothing left but rubble. But hurray Seattle is so affluent now, who will care?!?!
@ ALL who voted NO for "progressive" reasons.

You should post your name, address and phone number so those who won't have access to transit to make it to work can contact you to give them a ride. All of your cars are handicap accessible right?
Oh nos, we're gonna be Somalia on the Sound!
@64 But while you're waiting for something you like, you decide to shit on the poor, you know, "just because".

How can you call yourself a progressive when you shit on the poor?
"You should post your name, address and phone number so those who won't have access to transit to make it to work can contact you to give them a ride. "

We already pay for their rides, they're called "buses".

Or maybe they can try Uber?
If any of you Seattleites have wondered what it would be like to have the same level of transit service they have in Spokane, you're about to find out.
Al those who moved here in the last few years and voted no on prop 1 = Get the Hell outta my City! Go back to the places you pillaged and made unlivable! Cutting the salaries of a few Metro execs will Not pay the eternally escalating costs of bus fuel nor the boondoggle streetcars! If you drive alone in your car to work everyday you should move back to Detroit & LA!

There are polling places for those who wish to vote in person, though it sounds like you'd find some excuse not to go.
@80 We're gonna die!
My ballot is late and yes, but that's not going to be enough.

Bailo is still the stupidest person in the world, followed not too far behind by TheMisanthrope. The only "prison" here is the prison of Bailo's way-too-tight hat cutting off the blood to his brain. And, my god, I wish fucking dipshit "progressives" would learn that there is no better option over the hill; this IS the only progressive option that has a chance at votes. Fucking Naderites is what you are, hurting the rest of us to feed your hippie fantasy dreams.

Cutting bus service doesn't just hurt people who ride the bus; it hurts people who never ride it as well. Every one of those buses that's being cut is 10-50 people who will either move into single-occupancy cars, clogging your roads -- EVEN IN ISSAQUAH -- and and taking your parking places, or they'll stay home, and the economy will slide further.

All for the sake of your moronic car tab whinnying. Good job, morons. We live on a carefully balanced turd, and it's falling over.
And this thread is a perfect example of why we needed an effective campaign. We've got young voters who don't realize they're about to get screwed for a lot more than 60 bucks. We've got progressives who are convinced we'll get another bite at the apple, but better, next time. We've got people arguing the cuts mainly hurt Seattle. We've got car owners who think this doesn't impact them.

What a cluster.
There is enough money. It is the priorities that are out of whack. But rather than move money around or change funding sources -- the people will be punished for not complying.
Gotta love how liberals explain their defeat by arguing that their base is just too fucking lazy to even vote.
These cuts are projected to remove my bus, the #8. If that in fact happens, I will have no choice but to drive on crap weather days. This affects me personally. And I am PISSED.
If you're gonna mooch, you gotta vote!
"The yes campaign sent mailings and email reminders in the final days, underscoring concerns that younger, pro-transit voters might be unaware of the off-cycle campaign."

You can always count on the youth vote.
Fnarf @84 has touched on something: "...and the economy will slide further." When voters decline to pay the taxes that keep the economy functioning, what happens? The economy gets worse. Workers have less money. Voters (workers) find it even tougher to justify voting yes on a tax increase the next time around. Vicious cycle ensues.

I voted yes on Prop. 1 even though I'm the furthest thing from a Metro fan that someone who calls oneself a transit supporter could be. Operating buses at any sort of useful frequency is an enormously expensive undertaking. Buses never come close to recovering their operating expenses at the farebox, and they do little in the way of promoting the kind of transit-oriented development that builds a critical mass of transit riders. The simple fact that we are so reliant on a bus system for our metropolitan transit needs is an indication that we are already in that vicious cycle. It's water under the bridge now, but if this region had gotten going on real mass transit sooner--if we hadn't been so cheap to begin with--we'd be getting a heck of a lot more bang for the buck now from our transit system and not be in a situation where we're constantly scrambling to make up lost revenue. Sometimes ya gotta spend money to save money.

Of course, an equal original sin is how we, as voters and elected officials, chopped the legs out from under the MVET. Vehicle-value-based taxes aren't the perfect tax, but they're a lot less imperfect than most other taxes out there. I'll be interested to see how some of the smarter progressives in Olympia, like Farrell and Frockt, respond to this.
"...and the economy will slide further."

Except it won't. King County's economy is growing, unemployment is far lower than national average. Time to change your profile photo dipshit.

" an equal original sin is how we, as voters and elected officials, chopped the legs out from under the MVET"

Why do urbanists hate democracy?

The #8 bus route is in no danger of being eliminated. In fact the list of routes to be eliminated was posted last November.…

I voted no on this, in part because none of the bus route eliminations will affect me. Neat huh? 2 1/2 years ago they eliminated 13 eastside routes (which nobody in Seattle screamed foul), voting for prop1 wouldn't bring those routes back at all, so I voted no.
What mystifies me is how many drivers don't recognize that each bus represents dozens of cars that are not on the road with them. Each bus is a traffic jam that isn't happening. As buses become more inconvenient people will be switched to driving, as happened to me some years ago when my own local route was effectively cancelled.
BTW, want to cause a traffic jam? Get in the second lane from the left and drive about five under the speed limit.

I think it is particularly effective because even cars going about the speed limit pass on the left slowing down all the traffic in the far left lane. This causes aggressive drivers to start passing on the right, which causes those lanes to start to gum up.
I voted yes, knowing it would fail. Voters don't like car tab increases. People are done voting for regressive tax increases. Unite all the transportation agencies into one body, institute a state income tax and kill the sales tax. Problem solved.

@96 also, unicorns for everyone.
"What mystifies me is how many drivers don't recognize that each bus represents dozens of cars that are not on the road with them"

Because it doesn't and we know that argument is horse shit. If instead of having 10 buses run a route instead of 15, people will simply adjust their schedules. I will bet a testicle that:

1. Metro will not make 90% of these cuts. It was a bullshit threat meant to scare voters that failed.

2. Cuts will be made to underutilized routes and routes that duplicate with Link or other buses. Routes that should be cut. Late night buses will also be reduced with zero impact on traffic. Again, people will simply adjust their schedules.

3. The bus driver's union will get their asses handed to them at the next contract talks.

4. There will be no affect on traffic.

So that's win, win, win, win for taxpayers.
My favorite part of this? Realizing that morons will be duped into believing anything.
@66, ha ha ha ha ha! Fuck you. Now you can ride your bike.

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