He's decked out like a Lance Armstrong idiot? oh wait, what's *right*. Dunno, lane dominance so he doesn't get hit?
nice one NTG!
We don't like spandex.
RIP Capitol Hill.
More right: he’s got brakes and gearing. He’s wearing a helmet. The sun’s out, too!
Teal is SO Miami Vice.
But that's a pretty good art hit up there, NTG!
I think that guy needs a larger bike.
I, for one, will enjoy dancing on your grave. Enjoy Kent losers!
I remember when Bauhaus opened in 1993. My roommate, Finley, was one of their first employees. I'd ride my crappy Schwinn there, helmetless and in tattered shorts. RIP, indeed...
For what is your neighborhood? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.
He’s bombing on the hoods, not the drops
This hood has dropped, not the bomb
When I moved to Seattle in 1996 I lived on Melrose, two blocks from Bauhaus Coffee. It was my introduction to the city.

I also rode my bike a lot, and had a couple close calls too many bombing down Denny. After that I either took the bus or walked.
I think he should get a longer stem. Position looks a bit cramped to me.
Also, wearing earbuds in traffic is dumb. Even if it's just one ear.
Density in Capitol Hill? Who would have ever championed that cause?

What is (hopefully) right is someone commuting on their bike far away enough to neccecitate the spandex getup (sorry doug, cutoff shorts & a crappy schwinn dont cut it for 30-40 mile round trip daily commute. Maybe he wears that while just riding around the hill). Hopefully he does this every day rain or shine. More long distance bike commuters and fewer drivers would make Capitol Hill nicer.
To answer your first question, he's out in the middle of the road instead of in his own lane. But at least he isn't switching between the middle of the road and the sidewalk.
That is the best poster I've seen in a while. True to how I've felt for a while.
@18: He is in his own lane.
@12 brilliant
Don't worry, Capitol Hill citizens, you have nothing to fear from these eyes. Scout's honor.
He's wearing earbuds so probably has no situational awareness, and he's in the big chain-ring which means he's either riding far too fast for an urban setting or he's riding a reasonably safe speed but mashing too big a gear while doing it.
He's properly relaxed with bent elbows.
A sad photo, a sad thing to witness. I mourn the loss of our old Capitol Hill - the one that began to vanish with the demolition of the infamous 500 block of Pine - with the Cha Cha, Bimbos, Man Ray and the Kincora Pub all bulldozed for hideous condos and yet another "crossfit" gym. Bullshit. Sad. Annoying. I feel powerless as I see such an incredible community diluted and made into yet another bland neighborhood of and for aspirational young worker bees to inhabit until they can afford to move to a house with a yard in Ballard.

RIP Capitol Hill. You are missed.
@12 got the most obvious wrongness and @15 got the earbuds. We need a photo with higher resolution to see if the white handlebar tape is merited by white frame decals. Also sock height looks questionably low or, much worse, no socks.
Seattle is over... Norm Rice lit the fuse....
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