Slog tipper Michelle Kinnucan, a disabled veteran who I wrote about last month—Goodman Real Estate had moved up her eviction date by six months from Ballard's Lockhaven apartments, where it is nearly doubling rents—says:

Today was supposed to be the last day of my tenancy at the Lockhaven Apartments, according to the Termination of Tenancy Notice I received on April 4. However, thanks to a lot of work by so many of you the wolf of eviction has scurried away from my door for the moment. Thanks to your efforts in protesting, writing, postering, reporting, making phone calls, organizing, etc., earlier today I received written confirmation from Goodman Real Estate Lockhaven that my tenancy has been unilaterally extended until June 15....While 45 days may seem fleeting this is a very important win for me personally and it gives us a glimpse of what we can achieve when, together, we stand up and fight back.

The tenancy extension comes after the Lockhaven Tenants Union marched on the real estate firm's headquarters in Ballard on Sunday.

"If my landlord took six months from me then they or another landlord can do it to someone else," Knuccan warns. "The City of Seattle must adopt a rule that when owners opt to provide tenants with more relocation time or scheduling information beyond that strictly required by the Tenant Relocation Assistance Ordinance (TRAO) they incur an obligation of good faith adherence to those extensions of time and schedules." Earlier this year, efforts by state lawmakers representing Ballard to strengthen TRAO went nowhere, thanks to Republicans and Rodney Tom.