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Whatever happened to the Stranger Testing Department?
Oh man, this is just pure poetry.
I was on board until I became a teenager and needed to take a lover. Unrealistic.
@1 - Pretty sure they're crashing on Goldy's couch.
This was soul crushing.....just like real life.
Why does it never give you the option to have a child? Why does it make all your lovers into people who are useful only for sex and who you need to dump because you need to feel accepted? Why do you need to dump every single friend right after you see them because you need to move on? Unrealistic. In real life relationships are more diverse... and often more fulfilling. Only a person with a completely broken emotional system would have a life like this.
This is like the game I tried to write in BASIC back in my high-school/Teletype/acoustic-coupler-modem days, except I tried to make it about squirrels (first mistake) and nuts (second mistake) and chance (wait—same end result).

By the way, BASIC just turned fifty.
@6: Do you actually need to feel accepted? Do you actually need to move on? Is advancing in the game more important than friends or lovers?

Is the game actually advocating any particular course of action, or are the preconceptions you've brought with you about life, games, and how a game about life would work filling in the blanks?

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