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The dress on the woman on the right is amazing. The blue design makes it looks like she's got the tiniest waist.
@2: Please tell me you're just trolling.
If raindrop is posting at all it is implied venom.
I tried. Got to "Isn't there some kind of biological, innate..." *click*
But on the whole it does give me a little thrill when I imagine so many aspects of my mostly dull and uneventful little life making some dumb conservative's head explode so I forgive you for making me even try to watch that, Dan.
men and women are inherently different and have different emotional needs and strengths.

they are not interchangable.

why do humanists hate science?
@5 I couldn't even bring myself to click the link.

I did, however, enjoy the Media Matters write up, which basically summed up the description of this problem in terms of the potentially devastating impact of wages on the delicate fee-fee's of these bread winning harpy's emasculated men.
Nope. Not gonna watch it.

Besides, I already know that the real issue is that women should be out there making money instead of entering contests with bread for prizes. Sheesh.
Not going to watch, but I can guess...

Whether men and women innately have divergent skills and interests is still inconclusive. The only thing we know for sure is that women's skills and interests are worth less than men's.

That is the only argument left for the Faux News set these days, isn't it?
@8, agree. It used to be women were the weaker sex, and held back on that basis. Now, men are frail, and women need to be held back on that basis.
@11: Sort of like how it used to be that women's sex drive was too high, and they were inferior because of it. Now it is that women's sex drive is too low, and they are inferior because of it.

But males don't have it easier, right?
What @8 said.
what a bunch of chimps those fox clowns are

everyone knows women are just as good as guys.

and can be the breadwinners

and raise the kids.

in fact, we know how this story ends;

its called Black America.....
@1 - thank you for that.
You're welcome.
My boyfriend brings home bread all the time. It drives me crazy -- all that gluten!
So basically it's all the woman's fault and if they'd stop getting good jobs and just let their families live in poverty so the penis having member doesn't get his feelings hurt everything would be fine.

Also you can still work even if you make less than your spouse.
Casting a black man with two white women is why Fox is #1 in ratings.
Frequently Asked Questions, commonly known as

FA - Que
@17 Mine brings home the bacon. Mmmm, low carb.
"Error encountered: Stream not found" about 30 seconds in. Probably for the best.

@3: Oh, he's legitimately that stupid and misogynist. You know this.
Imagine if they found out my fiance does almost all the cooking and laundry. Their heads would explode.

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