In 1976 there was an openly gay club in the basement of the Grady Manning Hotel in downtown Little rock. Drag Queens were common in shows there. Never heard of any big hassle. Some straights partied there for sure... ;-D
This is all just happening so fast. I haven't even bothered to update the spreadsheet I had going, especially since all of these cases are still tied up in appeals and whatnot. And sooner or later, one of these cases is going to hit SCOTUS, and it'll be settled once and for all, thus obviating the need for a spreadsheet.
Full text of Arkansas decision here:…

Worth reading just to see how the judge dismembers the State defendants' arguments and builds a strong basis in Federal and State law for granting judgment to the plaintiffs.

It's noteworthy that this was the decision of a state court, whereas most other recent similar decisions were from federal courts.
Just get a flag, count the stars as states in order of admission into the Union (leftmost star on top row = Delaware, last two stars at the right of the bottom row = Alaska and Hawai'i, and everything in between corresponding to a specific state) and color each star in with a rainbow whenever its time comes.
Also, on a large sheet of paper, draw a gallows like you do when playing hangman, and draw in part of Seattleblew every time a state goes gay.
Four years ago I moved from Seattle to Fayetteville, Arkansas. I've been pleasantly surprised by how inclusive the community is here. Fayetteville is full of progressive and compassionate people who care deeply about social justice and the environment. Arkansas gets a bad rap and in some ways has earned it, but there are pockets of the state that are pretty amazing and the people in general are extraordinarily friendly.

The idiots in our Statehouse don't accurately represent the values and priorities of our population. So glad this injustice is finally being corrected.
Arkansas? The Clinton's are from Arkansas. Rest assured True American Conservatives already know Arkansas is a traitorous State. This is just further proof.
@8: No doubt it's an elaborate plot by Hillary! I'm sure the judge is in her pocket/under her thumb, and this is just another step on her dark plan to usurp the power of We The People®!

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