We just received this statement from Seattle City Council members Tom Rasmussen, Mike O’Brien and Sally Bagshaw, who are following the transit debate closely and apparently are in favor of every single solution presently under discussion. They like the idea of voting on something in November, they like that the mayor has a plan, they like that Keep Seattle Moving has a plan, and they like buses. Oh, and they like their constituents, too!

Seattle voters deserve a chance to preserve bus service in the city and we are committed to giving them that opportunity in November. We are exploring every option available to keep the busses [sic] running in Seattle in cooperation with our colleagues on the City Council and Mayor Ed Murray. We are also committed to working with King County Metro and cities in our region to ensure that we preserve and build a strong regional transit system.

We commend Mayor Murray for his leadership in developing a proposal, which will be released next week. We also commend Keep Seattle Moving for keeping public momentum going to ensure we do not lose the bus service we so critically need in Seattle.

On Monday, May 19 we will have a briefing in City Council Chambers at 9:30 a.m. to learn more about the impacts of the potential loss of bus service in the City and to learn more about the Mayor’s proposal. We will convene additional City Council meetings as needed throughout the summer to develop a proposal to send to the voters for the November ballot.

Shorter Rasmussen, O'Brien, and Bagshaw: We have watched the pissing contest, and we judge everyone to be a winner.