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Also, Michael Sam's rookie jersey is now #2 on the sales charts, behind only Johnny Manziel (but no one was going to beat him).

Can't ever recall another time when a seventh round pick accomplished that.
That's a cute idea.
Can I use my cat?
@4 Joe Jervis did.

Its number 2 on the list of drafted players. Not overall NFL players.
@3: Because buttsecks. Eww.
Hi Dan,
If you give us a pic of you and Terry kissing, I'll make it my twitter pic. I bet lots of other people will too.

How to talk to your kid about Michael Sam:…
I'd like feedback from the hivemind related to this. I'm straight, but there are a few pics on FB of me kissing guys, taken at comedy shows that I've been involved in. Would making one of those my profile picture be at all contradictory because it was played for laughs and wasn't "genuine" queer affectionate kissing? Or is it more important to simply go with the picture of two dudes kissing to promote this, regardless of the intent when the picture was taken?

What do y'all think?
@10, I think any same sex kissing would work, even if it was for comedy. I vote that you use what you have.
@8: SECONDED! Mr. Savage, get on that ASAP. :)
I put up a picture of me kissing the flying monkey from Wicked because I'm an anti-social person and don't actually know anybody. But, I think he reads as male.
How about Seth Rogan and James Franco?
@6: My bad, I meant to clarify that, but obviously did not.
A picture of me kissing my husband at our wedding is now up. Most of my facebook friends have seen the picture before, and a whole lot of them were at the wedding to see the original kiss. Michael--we're with you.
Good luck with that one! This will NOT be catching on like wildfire. Because even the hardcore straight allies have to fight off the instinctive wince at seeing a gay kiss, before they override it with their overly exuberant cheers. Sure, they'll change their profile pics to ambiguous red equal signs, but it ends there.
^But see, it's the "instinctive wince" that good allies are trying to change with this project. The idea is that that wince is not actually instinctive, and can therefore be habituated away.
@17: How did you find time to meet all the straight people?
@18 is correct, and that is exactly the point.

Many people wince at the sight of a gay kiss. But it isn't instinctual; it's learned. You wince because it is something seen so rarely by so many people that it leaps out to you as 'strange' or 'other'. But if you saw gay people kissing regularly, and it became as common as seeing straight people kissing, it wouldn't register as something strange and weird. And you wouldn't wince. For straight people, it would still register as something that doesn't turn you on, but it wouldn't freak you out.
I think I'll change my profile to a brain slice of a former NFL player showing the damage done by CTE.
@20, I actually wince at ANY make out session and look away instantly. I'm highly disgusted by saliva, be it from straight or gay people or even myself (of course, I'm not much of a kisser either). In my case, wincing IS instinctive. We all have hardwired turn-offs, some people may be genuinely squicked at gay smooching just by plain nature.
What was the song on Romanovsky & Phillips' album "Be Political Not Polite" about staging a kiss-in at a restaurant?
Hmm. I'm a Kinsey 0 and I've never been inclined to wince at the same-sex kiss.
Anyways, done! And since I don't have one of me kissing a woman, I used one of the two Russian gold medalists kissing on the medal stand at the 2013 World Championships to protest Putin's anti-gay policies for double effect.
the wince is biological.

humans have an innate revulsion at homosexual perversion.

but do not despair:"

“Vice is a monster of so frightful mien
As to be hated needs but to be seen;
Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
We first endure, then pity, then embrace.”

@10 I think even if it was for comedy and not a genuine kiss, it at least shows that the kiss wasn't a big deal. You, a straight guy, went along with it and didn't burst into flames. Plus it has the benefit of it actually being you on the profile.

If you worry about the pics you already have, you could always take a new one that is meant specifically for this. You're obviously fine with kissing other men and it would be for a good cause.
@25.. "Humans have an innate revulsion at homosexual perversion".. What bullshit. And @20 disgusted by saliva? Wow. Must make it hard to enjoy your food..
Think the innate and instinctual words are being thrown around, to cover individuals own socially learned prejudices.
If it was allowed, Facebook pics of men sucking cock, women licking pussy- much better to slam dunk the homophobic and scared of their own shadow( self) crowd..
Sorry, @22 is the saliva phobic
Go for it @10.
It would be cool if someone did a study about the demographics of the "wincers", confluence, because it will catch on and then maybe people will open their eyes and see that it doesn't take some sort human psychology genius to point out the obvious, that it's mostly men who will wince, and not children nor women.

A person has to be taught to be disgusted in the event of witnessing Love.

That disgust is not an inherent character trait of any human being. It is taught to Our Children by idiot men,

I just wish the author would have chosen a different word other than "disensitize"

Most of the uses I've heard that word for are to negative events, like violence.

It's not Love between two or more human beings that is bad or even simply not good, what is disgusting is that we have allowed this hatred cloaked in subtle, ambiguous, indirect and mislabeled as love be taught to our children

and our societies and communities simply sat silent and just accepted it as the right thing to do

and then there are sure to be some idiots who will claim I am just delusional and that I am a bigot against males,

for simply choosing to speak up, and speak truth
@30: Don't you try to ruin "desensitize" for us technical types.
@27 and what kind of "socially learned prejudice" would make me wince at straight people kissing if I live in a society where being straight is the norm and finding a partner is encouraged? My point is, whether we like it or not, we're more than what society makes of us. That's what makes us all different even if raised and nurtured in the same environment.
FYI, I would use one of those "saliva sucker" (I don't know their tecnhical name, sorry) machines they use at the dentist, but I imagine it would be quite uncomfortable to run around town with that. And what's food got to do with it? We segregate saliva all the time, regardless of what are we doing. If you mean mouth-watering, that's when you smell or see food, not while you're actually eating.

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