Ha ha, "Southern California sucks". Pretty fucking callous post.
Unchecked Capitalism is rotting our society from the inside out. The rise of mass killings is yet another symptom of the diseased system.

What is the cure? Love, community, humanity. All is not lost: I just watched a happy baby riding along in a bike seat wave at people on the sidewalk.

Let's reorganize society.
There are about a million better ways you could have handled this story: more social services, better mental health care, tighter community ties and organizations, maybe gun control (the linked paragraph says nothing about weapons).

Instead, you decided to be an asshole about Southern California, in response to a tragedy about which you know none of the details. Make you feel good, did it?
I don't think it's southern California at fault here. This Orange County murder-suicide has parallels, without the arson and fireworks strapped to people's heads, of the Campbell family murder-suicide in Hillsborough County, Florida.

Two males, two females
Adult female homemaker
Adult male businessman or executive
child female student
child male student, athlete
upscale area

Maybe some men are finding their family way of life unsustainable, toxic and unsatisfying, and to economize (gasp!) from upscale delusions is too shocking, too degrading for them to contemplate. Better to go out with a bang, but four, because more is better.

my bad, adult male child in the Mission Viejo tragedy, supposedly a bodybuilder, in case anyone wants to speculate on the younger male being at fault.
What a fucking asshole post, Frizzelle.
I believe "I know West Seattle sucks but this is getting ridiculous" is the headline The Stranger printed for Kurt Cobain's suicide, and then they used "I know Capitol Hill sucks but this is getting ridiculous" for the Kyle Huff murder/suicide. Everyone thought it was witty.

So it's cool. it's just the way The Stranger handles this kind of thing.
I've been reading more about the Rodger's case...they finally released some information about the first three victims...all male, all native Chinese transfer students, all computer science majors.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department officials named Cheng Yuan Hong, 20, of San Jose; George Chen, 19, of San Jose; and Weihan Wang, 20, of Fremont, who were stabbed multiple times at his Isla Vista apartment.…

And breaks the memoplex (of liberal news feeds).

Here is this guy, Rodger, who is supposed to be a misogynist loser, but...well, I hate to sound stereotypical...but seriously, his victims so far are not beauty queens and studs, but Chinese computer geeks and math majors.

Meanwhile, he is, by his stat sheet, a winner -- rich, articulate, well spoken, connected with the Hollywood community. If this were one of the sequels to the movie Halloween, Elliot Rodger would play one of the two guys who go to the remote beach house with the two girls...and Jason would be one of these engineers...not the other way around?!

Are you seriously telling me that these Chinese programmers were getting laid while he was frothing at the mouth? And the girl he covered was a future quant?

Something doesn't jive!!

Side note: They haven't released the time of these initial slayings.
@8 - Congratulations on writing something that makes the original post look like a sensitive tribute to the victims, you repugnant piece of shit.
"tighter community ties and organizations"

What makes me tearful about this was reading that the nextdoor neighbor heard loud sobs at 4am from a young girl at the residence where the murders took place. The sobbing woke her up. She didn't go over to see what the problem was.

Either the bodies were discovered, or the police arrived at 9 am, five hours after the girl sobbed. Was she one of the murder victims?


See, they're cracking. They can't make it fit.

Meanwhile, murder in Chicago is now so common that no one gives a shit.…

Also, a "Shot-in-the-Ass-O-Meter" as well as a "Shot-in-the-Junk-O-Meter" are necessary to track Chicago crime. What. the. actual. Fuck.
@12, Those are mostly black-on-black crimes so no one gives a shit. The Stranger only cares when hip white (or asian, non-black, non-Mexican) people get killed. There is an added bonus (in "caring") if it happens to be a non-ethnic child that gets killed!

Also, there is a very high probability that none of those people were shot with evil black firearms (AR/AK), so once again, no one gives a shit.
@11 - Just shut the fuck up for once in your life, you miserable beast.
@8: something doesn't JIBE.


goddammit i'm sick of that.

oh, and whatever point you were making is dumb.
Wow, the Stranger visits a murder-suicide in the suburbs, literally a neighborhood of 3 car garages and stay at home wives baking cookies for their private-school attending/home-schooled kids.…
Oddly enough, I've been doing quite a bit of research on mass killings in the United States lately and the gun control crowd's perception isn't adding up.

It is indisputable fact that violent crime and gun crime has gone down by 50% since the peak in 1993. It also appears that mass shootings aren't increasing either, just the media's sensationalist coverage of them. It looks like the peak of mass killings was actually in 1929.

Roughly .2% of all gun homicides are mass shootings and .023% are mass public shootings, but this isn't the most common form of mass killing. Arson is the most common for of mass killing but they aren't as sensationalized by the media. Why do you think that is?

Furthermore, 2/3rds of all mass killings are familicides where the male head of the household kills his family and then himself. 60% of those involve mental illness and the majority are via arson.

I'm still reading two recent published studies and will know more next week.


Apparently the mistaken use of “jive” for jibe has become so widespread that it’s on the road to becoming acceptable. At least from a British viewpoint.…


Cobain lived on Lake Washington, not in
West Seattle.


Mental health care isn't some sort of magic fucking bullet. Even patients who want to get better are looking at months, years, or a lifetime of continued treatment, and there are plenty of people who aren't effectively treated despite the best efforts of mental health professionals. Did you know Marilyn Monroe was in treatment for depression for years before she finally killed herself?
What is more likely: the 21-year-old cracked on testosterone & roid rage and had a weapon handy, or the 55-year-old patriarch who despite heavy involvement in the church could not find divine, whole healing for his hurting heart? (Note to self: religion is no panacea for a chaotic, uncaring world.)

Men in their twenties like to take out as many people as they can, right? What's the ratio of complete strangers getting shot to family members getting shot? The 20-something men in the US prefer to take out non-family members in their firearm-assisted homicides, right?
Equating murderous behavior with southern CA is kind of ridiculous, given western WA's history:

Wah Mee
Gary Ridgeway
Ted Bundy
Kyle Huff
Hillside Strangler
That kid (and his friend) who bludgeoned his family in Bellevue and fled to BC
Lakewood Police Killings
Cafe Racer
... and that's just off the top of my head.
Christopher, you should remove this post. And I am done with Slog. I can think of a lot of things I'd rather spend my time doing.
Totally classless, Christopher. Own it and apologize. Now.

@8: You deserve to simply be ignored, but they guys he killed were his roommates and a friend. He wanted to get them out of the way so he could embark on his killing spree. It's all pretty well documented.
@laurax I have to agree with you. Too snarky for my taste. I think I'll go read Andrew Sullivan.
This is disrespectful and classless. Please take it down.
@18: "on the road to" means it's still wrong. don't enable the coming Idiocracy.

@17: another version of joe the plumber's bullshit, just with more words.
Shit like this has happened all the time. It's just that humans have the means now to spew these incidents worldwide in a matter of seconds.
Well California does suck...

But it's West Seattle that sucks, obviously.

Wow. You got me there I must admit. Because Joe the Plumber researched peer reviewed papers published in respected criminology journals, I decided to do the same.

To think that I wasted all that time when I could have simply gotten all my information from MSNBC... just like you.

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