• Brooklyn Benjestorf

Name: Carlee

Where: Bait Shop

Buy Her A Shot Of: “Just tip me the money,” Carlee says. “I’m trying to save up to buy an H3 Hummer. For real.”

Ask Her To Make You A: “I really like making variations on Manhattans, but I’ve been really into this drink recently called the Watts Canyon. It’s reposado tequila, Campari, grapefruit, soda, and then a little bit of lemon and honey. It’s very drinkable.”

What She’s Doing When She’s Not At The Bar: “I do voice-overs and I sing in a Taylor Swift cover band called Ex-Girlfriend. Seattle’s premier Taylor Swift cover band!”

Words To Live By: “I recently asked my dad to tell me his life philosophy in ten words or less, which is very difficult because we are a long-winded people, but I really liked his answer: ‘Give thanks daily. Love family/friends. Breathe. Cry. Mostly laugh!!!’”