Looks like a case of Posse Comitatuside. If these paranoid idiots would just keep to themselves, that would be fine. But we can see now what a danger they actually are to everyone.
Does this surprise anyone? This has pretty much been their desired outcome from the start.
Thank you good guys with guns.
And who were the "good guys with guns"? Cops! People who [theoretically] should have them!
He was a "certified Glock Armorer."

Clearly not a tactician. None of these Sovereign Citizen Libertarian NRA types are very bright. But this one. Whoo. He makes Cliven Bundy look like Stephen Hawkings.

I mean colored smoke grenades? THAT'S NOT HOW YOU USE THEM, DUMBSHIT! I bet you ten bucks this guy was never in combat. I bet he's another internet tough guy chicken hawk.

I grew up with guns. They are a part of life. My family all own guns. Most of them are in the service, are veterans or retired service people. All of us hunted. Or varmited. Or generally used guns for practical purposes.

Nobody in my family amasses hudreds of guns.

Not one member of redneck family harps about guns for self defense. Not even - no, especially - the members of my family who have actually fought in combat. They know what that shit is. It's not some fantasy.

This NRA gun culture has totally lost them. We're talking red-necks in Idaho, here.

Only one of my family members still belongs to the NRA. And he's a Republican State senator. And even HE thinks their fucking 80% nuts.

So that's what your gun fetishes have done, NRA. Alienated all but the most lunatic fringe.

And this here is the result.
You guys, c'mon, settle down. 5280 is REALLY TIRED after hearing about the shooting yesterday. Just shhhhh let's give these gun guys a day to rest.
In case anyone's curious about these guys, here's the Southern Poverty Law Center intel -…
"Sovereign Citizens" are scum who think that they're entitled to do whatever they want. I'm not upset about "DENNIS MARX ©" (as many of them would write it) no longer being with us.
@9: Another one of those guys you'd go up to and introduce yourself to and ask what they were up too? After all he could have just been one of those open carry folk. :)
Good fucking riddance.

Well yeah, followed by my mocking him and walking away after discovering his ties to the Sovereign Citizen folks, or getting myself shot of course.

OK, Just watched the video. No, he drove up on the sidewalk and started shooting before he even got out of his suv. Actually I would have skipped the chat with him. The point of talking to an Open Carry guy would be to find if if they espouse some kind of radicalism, or ooze crazy from their eyeballs. When you start shooting through your windshield at a courthouse guard, I think I can safely assume the crazy is oozing freely. :D
"[The shooter] said [The police] were guilty of illegal searches [of the shooters marijuana] and of regularly using of excessive force."

While deplorable I can't help but wonder if marijuana was legal that this could have been avoided or alleviated. A mentally ill person who had a marijuana habit, it could have been a problem but it's kind of irrelevant, was probably going to have to serve some jail time or at minimum lose his right to vote by pleading guilty to owning a plant the government thinks it can dictate who gets to own. It's just a wonder though, it's not like these people ever do this because of one law or another it's usually a whole mess of laws but like, our culture didn't even let the dude toke up in the privacy of his own home and he didn't have the kind of lawyer that could have just swept it under the rug like a celebrity because he's not rich (probably from buying so many weapons) or privileged in that he knows the judge or someone who does. If we can't respect the human condition in relation to our politics the human condition will not respect the dominant political culture. These oppressive laws serve no one and they work against the greater culture of respecting each other. My body. My mind. My right. It's so fucking basic to me. Any society that doesn't respect that platitude isn't worth living in. Suicide is the easier way out than continuing to live oppressed without any peaceful solutions that don't involve a shit ton of cash and corruption.
My family has a military background as well, and share similar sentiments with #7 about weapons.
Yet another name to add to the list of those "non-representative" posse comitatus militia types to make a difference in their community.
He should have used a ground cover smoke grenades not a signal smoke grenades.

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