Christopher Frizzelle: "Joey Veltcamp is a queer artist not enough people pay attention to. I really love his paintings, but I also just saw some amazing quilts he had on exhibit at ArtsWest—quilts incorporating text and Northwest-y imagery and owls and Pussy Riot and a bunch of stuff I can't remember. Jen wrote about that show. Anyway, I just found out another show of his quilts is opening at Cupcake Royale on Capitol Hill on Thursday evening after work, so I'm definitely going to that."

Bethany Jean Clement: "Charles and I have discussed how to properly pronounce 'Piketty' so many times that I feel I must go to Vermillion tomorrow to witness his elocutional triumph. Blitz is Thursday, and that's always a good time. By Friday, it's supposed to be raining, so I'm taking the day off and going to the Palm Springs of Washington—that's Yakima—for the weekend. (Actually, a little further, but near there.) Wine and BB guns = two great tastes that go great together!"

Charles Mudede: "Everyone knows what I'm doing this week. I'm going to talk about the 'rock star' French economist Thomas Piketty at Vermillion Gallery tomorrow, June 10th."

Jen Graves: "I'm checking out the drawings of icebergs at Winston-Wachter tomorrow night."

Kelly O: "I'm going to see artist, musician, (and, um, *HOT* Pony bartender) Jess Wamre (along with superstar host Mark Mitchell) add live music to the classically SILENT Oscar Wilde-scripted film Salome at Northwest Film Forum on Thursday evening. Then, in keeping with the trippy vintage film freakout, I wanna go see Alejandro Jodorowsky's El Topo either Friday or Sunday at the Grand Illusion Cinema. I might take a puff-puff of this amazing new thing called a "JUJU Joint" before the latter.

Brendan Kiley: "I’m going to finish Jonathan Raban’s Passage to Juneau, which I really should’ve already read—but I’m finding something to love on every page and looking forward to the rest."

David Schmader: "Going to Lost Lake at least once to get a pint of their Grapefruit Hefeweizen, which is just ridiculously delicious. Also, prepping for Northwest New Works, and eagerly awaiting the season finale (series finale?) of FX's Fargo."