The press has put Obama on a pedestal and acted like he is a god? When did that happen? I must have missed it.
Why would you want me put into a concentration camp, Paul?
I don't think Beck quite gets it. Liberals don't think Conservatives are evil, they just think they're stupid.
Ahhhh. He's so serious. It's almost adorable. I've never really watched him. His message is fire and brimstone, but his delivery is cuddly amature phyco babble. It's of course horse shit, fear mongering. But, I can see why they like him. Is he really this stupid, or does he dumb it down?
Those blindly subscribing to "liberal" politicians, should spend a little more time finding out what they ACTUALLY stand for.

On gay marriage in 2004, the "left" said:…

Whereas those evil republicans said:…

And Tea Partier Dave Brat wins by denouncing big business and the US Chamber of Commerce…

While, Hillary scoops up checks from Goldman Sachs…

Republican Rand Paul seeks to block the use of drones to attack US Citizens overseas – in countries where no war has been declared - who are suspected without due process – and killed.…

The "Left" on drones.…

Eco-Terrorist George Bush's House.…

Just One of Climate Savior Al Gore's Houses…

And for a guy that understands the little guy, and hates the rich, Michael Moore seems to be having a hard time sharing his 9 homes.…

And the list goes on and on.

Before you keep bleating on about the magic of the Democrats and the wrongness of Libertarianism...

....might be good to see who is really on your side...
Please do, Mr. President.
sgt. doom, is that you?
@5 I meant.
@3, no, actually - it's both.
if by conservatives your referring to the radical anarcho-patriots that are starting to emerge from the woodwork fully armed and dangerous then yes the man with the nice radio voice is probably correct.
@5: even Ghandi was a hypocrite. grow the fuck up.
Great T-shirt design-

"To all involved with Slog:
even Ghandi was a hypocrite. shut the fuck up."

Hat tip - max
Seriously, Obama needs to live up to those campaign promises. Conservative concentration camps were why I voted for him a 2nd time!
Sounds like a good idea to me! Feed them , of course and re-introduce them to the real world kind of like the Schick Schadel program of total immersion, 10 days and a couple of two days follow up. Make some idiotic republicans actually sensible voters and responsible citizens.

Idiotic republicans can be made into responsible citizens?

Man, not even a few hours since my post about how liberals assume too much about the integrity of Obama, and the liberals blind idiocy and irresponsibility is again making the news.

Hope and change:…
Modern day liberals, as opposed to the liberals of the 1950's through almost 2000, have removed the virtue of a pluralistic society from the sanctioned narrative for legitimate debate.
Modern day conservatives don't get jokes.
And, rather than being shamed when none of these nightmare scenarios that they've been prophesying come to pass, they will tout the fierce resistance of their followers as to why nothing they said was going to happen actually happened.

In other words, you can't argue with crazy.
Really @16? Have you forgotten how Reagan routinely demonized liberals in the 80s?
Reagan demonized me via the 100 times I saw the footage of his gun wounding while I was in grade school. I glad the media today doesn't oversaturate us like it did 30 years ago.
Glenn Beck is just selling guns and end-of-days supplies.
It's cute that Glenn Beck thinks Obama cares enough about what conservatives think to implement a plan as complicated as concentration camps.
I can't see a date on that video. Is Beck starting this particular issue again? He already did this in 2009, and even debunked his own stupid theory when an expert said that one of Beck's supposed FEMA camps was just a railway repair yard.
@19: I'm not referring to partisan jabs and one-liners; I'm talking about trends.
Two Points:

1) In this day and age I can't believe that there's people who fork over money to listen to this pandering twit.

2) Beck's entire schtick revolves around projecting how he would personally react to hypothetical situations. I think it's become fairly clear that right-wing fascists like him would gladly round up everyone who isn't a right-wing fascist and stick them in a camp. Or worse.
Originalcinner dear, I love that particular conspiracy theory. It involves the Amtrak maintenance facility at Beech Grove, Indiana, which is a huge complex that has been in operation for over one hundred years. They covered over the windows in one of the old buildings, which of course means that they have converted it to a gas chamber.

I dearly love Amtrak, but the idea of them being organized enough to pull off some sort of death camp scenario just makes me giggle.
@16: Three words, you horse's ass: free speech zone.
@24, and what did those one liners and jabs do? Started a trend.
Great idea Glenn.
@16 Really? Liberals are against a pluralistic society?

So...who is it exactly who is against gays and lesbians, against trans people, against racial minorities voting, against immigration, and against Muslims?

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