Conversely, male judges with daughters are less likely to follow logic, the constitution, stick to facts and are more likely to have emotional rulings.
Lots of questions. Stupid to expect answers from us Sloggers. Your cocky ass shit style of writing proves that your answers are always better than ours.
I think this could be seen as a natural corollary to the protectiveness many fathers feel about their daughters. The same tactics they used to woo her mother are not seen favorably by the father when they are applied to their daughter.

It is a rather sad testament to the lack of empathy many people fell for others' situations. It should not require personal experience to understand where others are coming from, but it does.
This is a good question. I have two sisters and lots of female cousins, and I always have considered my mother and grandmothers to be resilient, capable and skilled personalities that deserved more respect than they received because of their gender. (Though I did have my first "society is messed up" moment with respect to my mom - she didn't get a raise after her first year of working as a salesperson for a retailer in consumer electronics, even though she sold more stereos and TVs than the next best salesperson, solely because she was female.)

I think the difference for me is that, for my female relations not my daughter, my first reaction was to defend them on their behalf directly (and did, once or twice at risk to life and limb). With my daughter, I knew I couldn't guarantee that I could always be there for her, so making sure that society treated her fairly mattered more to me.
@3 may be onto something. Having a daughter probably doesn't transform someone into a feminist, but they may extend their patriarchal ideas into a zone that overlaps with feminism.
I think it has to do both with being responsible for someone and being directly involved in her development. Her obstacles become your obstacles. I also think it's no small matter that your daughter is not (generally) someone you are distracted by in a sexual way and may be easier to see as a more fully formed person.
"It should not require personal experience to understand where others are coming from, but it does."

But unfortunately, it does. Sometimes that personal relationship is the only thing that breaks through the shell of them v. us. Also unfortunately, a wife/female partner doesn't have the same effect,
I would guess that the men may view the wives as "other" but the daughters as as least half themselves and therefore an extension of themselves.
Sexist men typically view their wives and girlfriends as their personal property, and snotty little boys think their mothers exist for their benefit. Fatherhood is different. Parents typically have ambitions and hopes for their children and want to arrange the larger world to be more welcoming to them.
Just more of the empathy gap among conservatives.

If it doesn't happen to someone they personally know and feel protective about, it doesn't happen.

Reagan attacked "welfare queens", but he'd cut personal checks to people who wrote in with their sob stories.
that one's easy, male judges are lawyers who excelled in their profession and are likely to marry other lawyers and doctors and whatnot OR have the stay at home wifey wife if conservative; they are not married to marginalized women who are harassed at work. they are married to women who own the company or would file suit if harassed. their daughers though in being kids or teens facing rampant male hormones, they are in need of protection. iow, the male judge's wives are not hte kind of women who need a longer statute of limiations they're quick off the bat to sue, or just get another high powered job. we're talking about the tippy top elites in america here -- not in pay but status, education and power -- people who all went to the ivy league or at least the stop state university and not the state college. if you can't grok these distinctions then you're just not familiar with the tribal rites and attributes of the upper 1% in power prestige and education. judges are not married to the waitress at the coffee shop working two shifts, duh.
Wives generally support and facilitate their husbands' worldview (they were selected for this trait). Children are unpredictable.

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